From low iPhone batteries to accidentally cooking enough pasta to feed the entire United States, the First World comes with many problems.

                                  Below is a list of our favorite life problems we experience on a regular basis, as told by these colorful sticky notes.

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                                  You can't argue with that. It is both gross, and essential at times.


                                  The two types of Internet.


                                  Definitely. It feels like you have to walk a mile in between each stage!


                                  If I could major in one thing, it would be the correct pasta to stomach ratio. I get it wrong every, single, time.


                                  Excuse me, why does anyone need to walk THAT slow?


                                  I think my anxiety levels would decrease rapidly if my phone battery didn't die everytime I stepped out my door.


                                  Well, ain't that the truth.


                                  Isn't it funny how you always have to go to the bathroom in the most inconvenient situations?


                                  The people sitting next to me on flights definitely think I'm crazy.


                                  It's honestly frightening.
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