This week, a truly heartbreaking story has come out of the pandemic. A fifteen-year-old girl with Down's syndrome has passed away just one year after beating cancer.

                                  Life truly isn't fair...

                                  Unfortunately, we have just endured the most devastating few months.

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                                  Since December 2019, a deadly outbreak of the coronavirus - or COVID-19, as it is scientifically referred to as - has brought the world to a total standstill.

                                  At the initial outbreak of the deadly virus, world leaders ordered full lockdowns upon their countries...

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                                  Ultimately forcing millions of people to quarantine at home.

                                  Shops, restaurants, and bars have been forced to close indefinitely...

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                                  And our once-bustling streets were left deserted.

                                  It has been a truly dire time.

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                                  The virus has spread across the globe like wildfire and there's been a huge amount of deaths.

                                  Staying safe can seem difficult...

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                                  And one truly tragic story has come out from the pandemic this week.

                                  A fifteen-year-old girl's life has been claimed by the virus....

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                                  After she had already endured so much.

                                  A teenage girl with Down's syndrome had already overcome cancer...

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                                  But heartbreakingly so, she died of coronavirus last week.

                                  Alexa Rose Veit was taken too soon...

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                                  And the internet is mourning this needless loss of young life.

                                  Alexa, from Ballard County in Kentucky, was diagnosed with leukemia in July 2019...

                                  But she was in remission in just a matter of weeks. However, in October of this year, Alexa and her mother started to feel unwell.

                                  Her symptoms were initially mild...

                                  But she was soon hospitalized aftr testing positive for both COVID-19 and pneumonia.

                                  Alexa tragically died on November 15th.

                                  "She was a freshman at Ballard Memorial High School, a member of the choir, an active member of her church youth group and (thoroughly) enjoyed time with her family and friends," her obituary reads. Rest in Peace, Alexa.

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