Heartbreaking news just in.

                                  Bachelorette star, Tavita Karika, has died aged just 31.

                                  Rest in peace.

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                                  Tavita Karika has died.

                                  He was just 31.

                                  He appeared on the first season of New Zealand's The Bachelorette and Heartbreak Island.

                                  And just earlier today news emerged that the reality star had died.

                                  He was believed to be a rising star of reality tv.

                                  Although at the time of his death he had just finished a barber's apprentice.

                                  His body was found by a castmate.

                                  Bachelorette co-star Marc Johnson confirmed to Stuff that he had discovered Karika's body.

                                  In the statement, Johnson said:

                                  "I can confirm that Tavita did pass last night around midnight. I can't tell you if it was before or after."

                                  "It was just too emotional, and before I knew it four or five hours had passed."

                                  ""I was with him in his final moments. There was a lot of family and friends."

                                  "We've been best friends since we met on the show. His birthday was next month."

                                  "He was in a very happy point in his life...that was one of the last things that he said to me a few days ago."

                                  "He cut my hair on Wednesday and did such an amazing job and that was the last time I saw him."

                                  He finished his statement with:

                                  He was a good guy and he loved everyone.

                                  Past Bachelorette lead Lesina Nakhid-Schuster also paid tribute to him.

                                  "Tavita was a hilarious man with the best chuckle, and the best one liners."

                                  The post continued:

                                  I loved hearing how enthusiastic he was about looking after his mum, learning about his gym and food routines, and creating funny handshakes together.

                                  "I also really admired him opening the doors on the topic of mental health and some of his hardest times."

                                  ""My heart goes out to Tavitas loved ones. Having the pleasure of meeting Tavita, I know what a truly devastating loss this is."

                                  Many others also paid tribute to Tavitas.

                                  Such as Harry Jowsey who appeared on Heartbreak Island.

                                  Jowsey wrote:

                                  I love you Tavita. I still can't process this, I'm numb. I don't know what to say. Please check in on your friends, even if they say they are fine.

                                  Bachelorette alum Glenn Richards also shared a moving message on Instagram.

                                  His post said:

                                  We will remember your smile and your kind loving nature...," he wrote in part. "Tavita you were a Rock, a mountain of strength & at the 'after the final rose ceremony' when I was terrified and anxious to go on stage you told me 'stay strong bro you got this, everything's going to be alright.

                                  "I believed you..."

                                  When we sat down on that couch for the first time and Marc was sitting between us I looked over at you for reassurance & only the people in the audience behind us could see it, but you grabbed my hand & held it because you knew how scared I was to be back in front of the cameras after how they portrayed me...

                                  "Brother I just want to thank you for everything & showing me your true loving self & kind nature."

                                  I will carry on in this life to do my best and be my best in honor of your name and everything you stood for, from one Personal trainer to another, I get you & I got you and will see you again one day brother, I love you so much, thanks for everything.

                                  Friends have since started a Givealittle page to raise money to transport his body back to Christchurch and to help with funeral costs.

                                  They wrote:

                                  With heavy hearts we announce the passing of our friend Tavita Antoni Karika.

                                  So far more than $12,000 has been raised.

                                  By almost two hundred people.

                                  At the time of writing...

                                  Tavita's cause of death has still not been confirmed.

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