A truly horrifying medical mix-up has led some children in the northern Spanish region of Cantabria to grow large amounts of excess hair...

                                  When a child is sick, a parent has one priority:

                                  Getting them the right medicine to make them better as soon as possible.

                                  And, in scary times like this ...

                                  Most parents would agree that taking their child to see the doctor is the safest option.

                                  But what about when these things go badly wrong?

                                  Well, this story is all about that very instance.

                                  A mix up in labeling medicines can have dire consequences...

                                  As this story proves today.

                                  Many children in Spain are suffering dire results after a major medical mix-up...

                                  And the internet can't believe what they're seeing.

                                  The children were prescribed omeprazole - a treatment for gastric reflux.

                                  But due to mislabelling, they actually got minoxidil, a strong treatment to promote hair growth.

                                  Understandably, the parents were furious.

                                  And they have now filed multiple complaints against the lab responsible for the labeling.

                                  Even after ceasing treatment, many children are still continuing to grow excess hair.

                                  Parents have pointed out other symptoms, too - including shortness of breath and tiredness.

                                  The drugs are thought to have been imported from India...

                                  And distributed at twenty-two different pharmacies across the Spanish region.

                                  It's a truly horrific story.

                                  And we can only hope that the children will make a quick recovery soon. For more medical nightmares, scroll on ...

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