There's nothing quite as horrible or soul-destroying as working for an awful boss, is there?

                                  Well, when one woman reached her last day at work before retirement, she decided to leave her boss a brutally honest note...

                                  And let's just say, she didn't hold back...

                                  Read on to see what the note said.

                                  To quit, or not to quit?

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                                  That's the main question burning on most unhappy workers' lips at the end of another long and hard day at work.

                                  Your colleagues can make or break your job...

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                                  But your bosses?

                                  Having an awful boss can simply become unbearable...

                                  With many people choosing to leave their jobs rather than stand another day working under their regimes.

                                  Most people are too afraid to confront their bosses...

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                                  In fear of what their reaction may be.

                                  But, if you're planning to leave anyway...

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                                  Who cares what their reaction is?

                                  At least, that's what one woman thought...

                                  As on her last day before retirement, she left her boss a very honest note.

                                  Something that many wouldn't have dared to do...

                                  Us included!

                                  The brutal note was posted on social media by the woman's son.

                                  She previously worked as a cleaner at a bank in the UK, where she faced an "awful manager" everyday.

                                  So, when her retirement was just round the corner, the unnamed woman decided to write her awful manager a note informing them about their behaviour.

                                  And people are having their say on it...

                                  Her son posted the note on Twitter alongside the caption:

                                  "And this is why I love my mum. She's been cleaning banks for 35 years and today walked out with this lovely note left behind for that awful manager. 'Happy retirement mum – always have the last laugh eh!"

                                  Attached was a picture of the note, it read:

                                  "Hi ladies, tomorrow will be my last clean for HSBC."

                                  "I have made up a bucket of cleaning materials for the next cleaner whoever that may be!!"

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                                  Going well so far...

                                  "I've left the job Julie after the way you dressed me down in the office."

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                                  "It was nothing more than aggressive and cruel but that's a reflection on your character, not mine."

                                  Then came our favorite line...

                                  "So going forward, please all of you remember: in a world when you can be anything, BE KIND."

                                  "Because you are all no better than the cleaner."

                                  You can check out the brutal note above.

                                  Keep scrolling for more reasons why people quit their jobs...

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