An American woman living in the United Kingdom has shocked her British peers by sharing the "appalling" cost of giving birth here in the U.S...

                                  Though, sadly, it hasn't come as much of a surprise to the rest of America.


                                  Because, as you will be aware, our healthcare system is among the most expensive in the entire world.

                                  But why?


                                  Why is the cost of simply surviving so unaffordable?

                                  Well, there's a pretty simple explanation.


                                  U.S. health care is based on a "for-profit insurance system," one of the only ones in the world, according to Carmen Balber, executive director of Consumer Watchdog, who's advocated for reform in the health insurance market.

                                  Most American health insurance is administered by private companies and individuals must pay for it themselves, even if their employer subsidizes some of it.


                                  In contrast, "lots of other countries have some element of private something, but there is that baseline understanding that health care is a right, not a privilege," Balber explained.

                                  Now, to those of us who were born here and know no different, being bankrupted as a result of a health crisis is simply an unfortunate fact of life.


                                  But to those who live on the other side of the pond?

                                  Well, our health care system is apparently a huge talking point...


                                  And, according to one American woman living over in the United Kingdom, it makes the British even more grateful for their own health care system - the NHS.

                                  Lisa Dollan is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but now lives in Leeds, a city nestled in the heart of Yorkshire.

                                  Lisa, thirty-nine, frequently shares videos to her social media accounts outlining the vast cultural differences between the U.S and U.K, as well as sharing her experience as an American living and starting a family abroad.

                                  Her videos have proven to be a big hit among her mainly British following...

                                  But her latest revelation struck a different chord entirely.

                                  Lisa decided to show her followers what a typical hospital bill would look like after giving birth...

                                  And she left them completely dumbfounded in the process.

                                  ?The reaction was strong, to say the least.


                                  In her video, Lisa explained:


                                  ?"So a lot of people say, so how much does it cost to have a baby in the States? Well, this is without insurance," she continued as she pointed to an itemized bill totaling $69,634.

                                  She then explained that, with insurance, the bill is "probably covered eighty-twenty."


                                  "Meaning that the insurance company pays eighty percent and you pay twenty percent. But what the pharmaceutical companies and the hospitals do is jack up the prices," Dollan claimed. "So that that twenty percent becomes higher and higher."

                                  Lisa then broke down charges on the list, noting that for a "semi-private room, meaning you're sharing a room, the big cost is $25,000 there."


                                  "And then another $26,000 for the actual delivery room, where you go back and have the baby," she continued.

                                  Lisa also noted the costs of the other "little bits and bobs that you need," with the total coming in at $69,000, before adding: "Umm, yeah," and laughing nervously.

                                  You can watch the full video below.

                                  If any Brits are reading this - you're not allowed to complain about your NHS ever again. Period.

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