It looks like the Schitt's Creek clan may be headed for the big screen!

                                  Here's all the details...

                                  In April, we kissed goodbye to the Rose family.

                                  After a sucessful 6 seasons, the smash hit Schitt's Creek came to an end

                                  Then, in September, the cast well and truly swept the Emmy Awards.

                                  The show set a record at the 2020 Emmys, winning the most awards in a single season for a comedy series.

                                  But, it looks like there could be some exciting news on the horizon...

                                  The Rose family may be heading for the big screen!

                                  Dan Levy revealed all in a brand new interview with People Magazine...

                                  And he's given us a lot to speculate about.

                                  Now, there's no doubt that Schitt's Creek is an absolute fan-favorite.

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                                  In the very first episode, we meet the once insanely rich Rose family who has recently lost all of their money. Truly tragic.

                                  But there's one asset left that they didn't lose...

                                  The small town of Schitt's Creek, which the Roses purchased as a joke years prior to losing their fortune. They move to a motel in the tiny, middle-of-nowhere town.

                                  And hilarity ensues.

                                  As well as so many touching moments - that's the great thing about this show. For 6 seasons, it's made us laugh so hard, but it's also made us weep gently.

                                  The Roses are incredible.

                                  There's Johnny Rose, played by Eugene Levy. His humor and wit are truly incredible. And of course, Moira - the matriarch and soap opera actress with fabulous wigs.

                                  And siblings David and Alexis, who begin spoiled and self-centered...

                                  But eventually transform into truly incredible characters. Not to mention all of the locals of Schitt's Creek that have wormed their way into our hearts.

                                  Who doesn't want a friend like Stevie?

                                  And precious, sweet Ted, the town veterinarian, and Alexis' love interest. Also, Roland and Jocelyn (the mayor and his wife) are truly wild. We want to go to a party at their house.

                                  Basically, it's impossible to not love everyone.

                                  The show premiered in 2015 on CBC Television, but all seasons are streaming on Netflix for your binging pleasure.

                                  And when it comes to the fans? Well, the show now has a cult-like following.

                                  If you're a fan of the show, then you'll probably catch yourself talking in that mid-Atlantic drawl Moira has, or saying, "Ew, David!" every 5 seconds.

                                  Sadly, the show came to an end back in April...

                                  But all is not lost! Well, according to Dan Levy, that is.

                                  The Canadian actor spoke to PEOPLE for this week's Sexiest Man Alive issue...

                                  And spoke about the possibility of a Schitt's Creek movie.

                                  The thrity-seven-year-old started off by discussing the cast's epic Emmy win.

                                  “That was probably one of the most remarkable nights in my life," he said. “It just happened to be in 2020. And I don't think any of us saw it coming. To have everybody win, it felt like a fever dream. It was insane. That was definitely the highlight of the year, and it will continue to be a highlight for many years to come."

                                  The actor hasn’t yet received his 4 Emmy Awards...

                                  But he knows exactly where he'll put them. “I have a shelf in my living room that needs some accessorizing," he jokes.

                                  Levy says that despite the show being over, he still carries elements of David with him.

                                  “I wore a lot of my own clothes, funnily enough, in those early episodes of the show," he revealed. “And then, as the show grew and as David's style expanded, he took a lot more risks than I would normally take. And I think when you embody a person for that long, in this case for six years, who is so confident in the way that they carry themselves and the clothes that they wear, it certainly has made me want to be more experimental and confident in the clothes that I wear."

                                  Talk quickly turned to a cast reunion.

                                  But levy wants to let? "the dust settle" first.

                                  Nevertheless, he thinks everyone would be up for getting the band back together.

                                  And isn't ruling out the possibility of a movie.

                                  Here's what he said:

                                  “I don't think there's a single person on our team, cast or crew, that wouldn't want to come back for a movie."

                                  Although, there is a but.

                                  "But at the same time, I think the success of the show really was tied so closely to the care that was put into it and the quality that was put into it. If I can come up with an idea that I think builds on what we've already done in a way that feels good and exciting and new and fresh and challenges our actors, then great. I go to sleep willing that idea to come to me," he explained.

                                  In the meantime...

                                  “It's always good for people to miss you before you come back with something," Levy added. “So I think we're going to let some time pass. And in that time, hopefully, I'll get a little inkling of desire to start exploring more seriously." So, there you have it. For more on Schitt's Creek, scroll on for the most hilarious one-liners from the show...

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