Sadly, animal cruelty is still a huge problem around the globe, and the latest case of a pup with nowhere to go might be the most heartbreaking yet...


                                  Despite being man's best friend...

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                                  Dogs are sadly one of the biggest victims of abuse and neglect.

                                  They are one of the world's most popular household pets.

                                  But for some completely unknown reason, people have been known to inflict all kinds of horrors on pups.

                                  It's unknown how many animals are abused every year...

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                                  But animal abuse and neglect has long been a problem - not just here in the States, but globally.

                                  There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however.

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                                  Millions of people around the world stand firmly against animal abuse.

                                  There are endless animal organizations and charities out there that come together to protect our domesticated friends.

                                  For which dogs and humans alike can be truly thankful!

                                  A fresh start for the unfortunate pets...

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                                  These organizations and charities rescue animals in danger and animals that are injured from abuse.

                                  They also strive to get these pets rehomed into a safe and caring environment...

                                  But it's a sad fact that many dogs don't have the easiest of lives.

                                  Abused and neglected dogs show certain signs of having been hurt.

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                                  According to a study conducted by a team at Best Friends Animal Society, dogs that have fallen victim to abuse and neglect are more likely to show behavioral traits.

                                  These behaviors can make a dog dangerous.

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                                  In some cases, abused dogs have no hope of trusting humans again, which makes them aggressive and unsafe to have in a family home.

                                  Of course, this is not their fault, but it means that many families can't risk homing these poor pups.

                                  This sadly often results in euthanasia, which is always a last resort when it comes to caring for neglected animals.

                                  This is why the kindness of strangers is of the utmost importance...

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                                  And dogs who have been neglected, abused, or abandoned often need lots of rehabilitation before they can be adopted.

                                  But the latest story of an abandoned pooch?

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                                  Well, it might just be the most heartbreaking yet.

                                  On November 22nd in Mexico City, a video was shared showing a woman trying to approach a dog who was tied to a park bench.

                                  The dog was accompanied by a note explaining the situation.

                                  The note appeared to have been written by a child...

                                  Pleading with passers-by to adopt the dog.

                                  It read, "Please, I ask you to adopt this dog and take good care of him."

                                  "Leaving my dog here hurts a lot, but I made the decision because my relatives abused him and it was painful to see him in that situation. So if you read this and you feel moved, please adopt him and look after him."

                                  "If not, please leave the letter here so another person can read it and adopt him. Thanks."

                                  From the note, it was made clear the dog's name is Max.

                                  And that the child was anxious about Max's welfare...

                                  Knowing the inevitable suffering that Max would go through, the child clearly thought the best chance would be to leave him on a bench in the hope of someone else caring for him.

                                  Members of the Mascotas Coyoacan - an animal charity - were called to check up on the unfortunate pup...

                                  And the footage shows just how nervous Max was around strangers - which says a lot about his background.

                                  One of the female volunteers slowly gains Max's trust and starts to pet him...

                                  And although he is clearly very wary of the woman, she is at least able to untie him.

                                  Max was taken to the association's facilities to be taken care of...

                                  And volunteers have reported that Max seems to be responding well to human interaction and is slowly coming out of his shell. We can only hope the rest of his life is filled with all the love and attention he deserves. Keep scrolling for more heartbreaking dog stories...

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