This story seems more unlikely than fiction - the tale of Emma Thompson adopting a child from a war zone then changing his life forever! Read on to hear all about it...

                                  It's a sad reality of life, but there are children out there who have no real family...

                                  Growing up in a family structure is a privelege.

                                  And there are a heartbreaking number who don't get to experience this.

                                  Both close to home, and further afield.

                                  Hundreds of thousands of children are in the foster system here in the U.S.

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                                  On any given day, there are nearly?443,000 children in foster care in the United States. Shocking, we know.

                                  Much of our foster care system is broken...

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                                  And the children suffer as a result, both here in the States and abroad.

                                  But sadly for most children...

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                                  The foster system is anything but short-term. Children are often stuck in the foster system for years and some will end up never getting adopted.

                                  The thought of any child undergoing such heartbreaking circumstances is tragic...

                                  But British actress Emma Thompson went the extra mile to try and help those in need.

                                  For those who aren't aware, Emma Thompson is known for so many iconic movies...

                                  Including Nanny McPhee and Love Actually.

                                  Well, during some charitable work in Rwanda, the actress began to understand the huge issue of child soldiers.

                                  Including one young boy in particular - Tindyebwa Agaba.

                                  The young boy went by the name Tindy...

                                  And after a turbulent start to life, Thompson decided to give the young man a second chance.

                                  Now, Tindy's biological father died of AIDS when he was 9-years-old...

                                  And at the age of twelve, he was rounded up by militia and taken to a prison camp.

                                  He was then separated from his 3 sisters, who he never saw again.

                                  He lived at the prison camp for 3 brutal years before boarding a flight to London to claim asylum.

                                  Tindy quickly fell into a bad crowd...

                                  He slept rough around London's Trafalgar Square for the first months of his life in the U.K.

                                  It was then that he met Emma Thompson.

                                  At a Refugee Council event, Thompson invited Tindy to spend Christmas with her and her family.

                                  After the dinner went well, Tindy began to spend more and more time around the Thompson residence, where he was given his own room...

                                  And in the end, the relationship between Thompson and Tindy grew so strong she informally adopted him.

                                  Tindy then decided to advance his education, enrolling in a high school, and eventually getting into college.

                                  He achieved a?degree in politics at Exeter University and a second degree, in human rights law, at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

                                  Tindy began his career at the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights...

                                  And he even set up his own?charity for victims of the genocides in Rwanda.

                                  And recently, Tindy was employed by the specialist arm of the Metropolitan Police, helping refugees who have gone through what he has.

                                  "Tindy is just about to start a job there and he’s doing some very interesting things for them – an adjunct of the work he was doing in war zones. Helping struggling people, working with victims of trafficking, and radicalization… that kind of thing. It’s a very rewarding thing to have happened," said Tindy's adopted dad, Greg Wise.

                                  "Sometimes being friends is not enough," Thompson explained.

                                  "You need family. I think we don’t talk enough about the happiness that it gives you to find new connections with strangers and people who aren’t familiar to you."

                                  This is certainly one of the most heartwarming stories we've heard.

                                  Now, when is it going to be made into a movie? And more importantly, who?will play Thompson?! For more heartwarming stories, read on to learn about the man who has fostered more than fifty vulnerable young men...

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