There's nothing worse than the person sitting behind you on a plane constantly kicking your chair... Or is there?

                                  What about the person in the seat in front of you flicking their hair over the headrest? Well, that's happened to one passenger recently and the way in which they dealt with it has divided opinions online.

                                  Keep scrolling to find out what they did...

                                  Traveling by plane can be a pretty stressful experience.

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                                  Especially at the minute with all the restrictions and safety measures in place.

                                  Or, of course, if you have a fear of flying.

                                  It's something that a lot of people dread doing.

                                  But even if you're not scared of flying, it can still be pretty stressful.

                                  This is why it's important to make it as much of a stress-free experience as possible for both yourself and others.

                                  When you traveling in a small space for several hours, the last thing anyone wants is someone being annoying.

                                  Doing things like kicking the back of your chair.

                                  Or pushing their seat right back on you.

                                  Probably the most annoying thing ever.

                                  But how would you feel if some flicked their long hair over the headrest?

                                  Pretty annoyed? Yeah, well that's how one passenger felt when it happened to them recently, so they did something about it.

                                  During a plane journey recently one passenger found the woman in the seat in front to be flicking her long hair over the headrest.

                                  Consequently blocking her TV screen.

                                  The passenger behind was pretty mad at the situation, as a lot of people would be. So...

                                  In the video first uploaded to TikTok, it shows the passenger placing chewing gum into the lady's hair, making sure it was firmly stuck on.

                                  She then takes nail cutters and begins to snip sections of the hair...

                                  And we're not talking small sections, these are pretty long strands she's cutting off.

                                  During this time, the lady in front is playing with her hair, continuously throwing it over the headrest.

                                  She then takes a lollipop out of her mouth and sticks it into the hair as well.

                                  After that, she begins covering the hair in coffee.

                                  And even sticking yet more gum into the hair.

                                  The woman almost get caught on several occasions but somehow gets away with it...

                                  Even the air hostess walks past and doesn't notice. Eventually, after chucking the hair back and forth over the headrest, the lady in front feels her hair and realizes the mess that it is now in.

                                  She then immediately heads to the restroom.

                                  And the camera shows just how much damage has been done as she walks away.

                                  Whilst pretty much no one would want this happening to them on a journey.

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                                  The passenger's actions have proven to be very controversial.

                                  Some people didn't agree with her response...

                                  Whilst others agreed with what she did and said they might have done the same, if not worse.

                                  However, many others pointed out that they believe the video to be fake.

                                  How would you react? You can watch the full video here:

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