When you're away from home, life can be quite the adventure. Sometimes, it's an adventure in a good way: You find incredible sights to see off the beaten path, you make friendships that will last forever, you form memories you can look back on and remember fondly, or you score a really sweet deal on an awesome souvenir.

                                  But other times, traveling is an "adventure" in a less-than-awesome way. Maybe you forgot your laptop charger, or you drop your phone off a cliff, your flight is delayed for 24 hours, or you end up breaking your flip flop at the beginning of a long day of walking (been there, done that).

                                  Anyone who spends a lot of time traveling knows that you have to be prepared to be flexible at all times. Things don't always go according to plan, but going with the flow and adapting as necessary can sometimes result in an even better trip than you planned!

                                  Here are some of our favorite life hacks for globetrotters and those like to travel efficiently while having a good time! Check out some of our favorite travel tips, including a portable wine aerator that just happens to be one of the most popular items on Amazon.

                                  We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

                                  This aerator is perfect for any park picnic. Just toss it in your bag!

                                  The 5-in-1 wine aerator is super easy to clean and travel with. It is guaranteed to "wow" at any party or social event. Pick yours up online and you'll be a world-traveling sommelier in no time!

                                  Forgot your bottle opener?

                                  from lifehacks
                                  Cracking open a cold beer is one of the best things to do right after checking into your hotel room...unless you have no bottle opener. Luckily, the door should be able to help out!

                                  Or maybe the nightstand drawer!

                                  When you take a second to look around, you may actually find that you're surrounded by bottle openers. How's that for an inspirational quote?

                                  Need more surface area?

                                  from lifehacks
                                  Open up the ironing board to give yourself additional counter space. (Hopefully, you don't have a lot of ironing to do.)

                                  Mind the gap.

                                  There's?always a tiny gap in hotel curtains that lets light through, disturbing your slumber. Grab a pants hanger and clip them closed!

                                  A makeshift toothbrush stand.

                                  from lifehacks
                                  If you've seen even one news special about how dirty hotel rooms can be, you know you probably don't want to go laying your toothbrush on the counter. Prop it up in one of the cups instead!

                                  Never forget your charger again!

                                  I bet that phone chargers are the No. 1 most forgotten item in hotel rooms. Attach your car keys to your charger so you won't be able to leave without it when you check out!

                                  Snap a pic!

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                                  When leaving on a trip, take a picture of the parking lot area where you parked your car at the airport. (I also do this when parking in garages in my day-to-day life!)

                                  Keep germs at bay.

                                  from lifehacks
                                  The TV remote is apparently one of the most germ-covered surfaces in a hotel room. Protect yourself from those germs by covering the remote with the liner from the ice bucket.

                                  No minifridge? No problem.

                                  from lifehacks
                                  Your sink can be filled with ice and used to keep your drinks cold. Or you can use the trash can! It should have a clean plastic liner that you can fill with ice.

                                  Or use the air conditioner!

                                  from lifehacks
                                  Put all that cold air to good use by propping your drinks up on the air conditioner. Who needs a minifridge anyway?

                                  Get creative with those sheet corners.

                                  from lifehacks
                                  If your side of the bed has no nightstand, you might be able to use the hotel corners of the sheet. Just tuck your phone (and glasses, or whatever else) inside.

                                  You might have to get creative.

                                  If you've ever found yourself in a hotel without a nearby restaurant or grocery store (or you just don't feel like going out after a long day of travel), you know that necessity is the mother of invention. This person used an iron and the coffee carafe to prepare some ramen.

                                  This person may have taken things a bit too far, though...

                                  I would recommend heating up water in the carafe and then putting the entire jar in the hot water to heat up your queso. That way, future guests don't end up with cheesy coffee.

                                  Going abroad?

                                  Rather than bringing a bunch of adapters with you, bring a single adapter and a power strip. Then just plug everything into the power strip. So smart, right?

                                  Get rid of those tourists!

                                  Use this handy hack to remove tourists from your photos. It can't?actually make them disappear in real life, though.

                                  Smaller containers = more space in your luggage!

                                  from lifehacks
                                  Rather than bringing your entire bottle of moisturizer, foundation, or other creams, squirt a little bit into a contact storage case.

                                  Keep your jewelry sorted.

                                  A pill reminder like this one is a great way to keep your jewelry organized and untangled. You can even use it to plan what you're going to wear for each day — the compartments are already labeled!

                                  Got a suitcase and backpack?

                                  from lifehacks
                                  Rather than carrying your heavy backpack on your back all day, use this method to attach your bag to your suitcase. It's simple, but it can save you so much effort.

                                  Bringing spray bottles with you?

                                  from lifehacks
                                  Tie something underneath the trigger so they won't spray all over in your bag. If they're non-aerosol cans, you can also squeeze the trigger and secure them with a rubber band.

                                  Leave the perfume at home!

                                  from lifehacks
                                  Bring perfume samples from catalogs (or Sephora) with you on your trip to avoid broken bottles in your luggage. It's also a great way to try out new fragrances!

                                  In-flight entertainment.

                                  Pop your phone in a plastic bag and clip it to the chair in front of you. Ta-da! Hands-free entertainment for the entire flight.

                                  I'm going to use this one even when I'm not traveling:

                                  You know those little ramen cups that require you to keep the lid on while it "cooks"? Use a fork to secure the lid. This is especially helpful if you happen to be on a plane or train and the ride is bumpy!

                                  Be the hero everyone needs at the airport.

                                  Charging stations are usually crowded. Bring a power strip to the airport and let people use an outlet to charge their devices. (Or, charge multiple devices of your own at once.)

                                  Don't let your bags get mixed up!

                                  The chances that someone has the same luggage set as you can be pretty high. But the chances that they tie the same color fabric to their set is pretty low. Voila! Crisis averted.

                                  Grab some plastic wrap!

                                  from lifehacks
                                  Secure your shampoo and conditioner bottles like this so you don't end up with any spills. If you accidentally throw the plastic away, you can use the shower cap from your hotel room for your return trip.

                                  Does your room have one of these pesky key card slots?

                                  from lifehacks
                                  Some hotels require a room key to be inserted into a slot in order for the power to work (so people don't leave the air conditioner running all day). But in some cases, you can insert any card into the slot. It doesn't necessarily have to be a room key.

                                  Keep your funds secure.

                                  from lifehacks
                                  An empty chapstick tube is a good place to discreetly hide money — even if it's just taxi money in case of an emergency. (The only trick is actually using an entire tube of chapstick...)

                                  Wrinkle-free wonder!

                                  from lifehacks
                                  These plastic file folders are a great way to keep delicate blouses from becoming wrinkly in your bag. Wouldn't have thought of that one, huh?

                                  Believe it or not, this is 10 days of clothing:

                                  Roll up all of your clothes and, if you're feeling especially motivated, stuff those clothes into your socks to make them extra small! (Clean socks, obviously. I don't have to tell you that, though...right?)

                                  A traveler's toothbrush case:

                                  from lifehacks
                                  An empty water bottle makes for an excellent toothpaste case when you're on-the-go. Also? You can use the water bottle (when the toothbrush isn't in it).
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