Remember the grandma who accidentally invited a stranger to thanksgiving years ago? Well, they've decided to continue the tradition and have got together for the fifth time, but while it is usually a happy occasion, sad tones will also be at the dinner table as the pair honor her late husband.

                                  Read on to see how this year's meet went...

                                  Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

                                  The beloved national holiday is a truly wonderful day full of good food, family, and laughs.

                                  But this year sadly won't be the same for many...

                                  The feast, usually shared by a big group of loved ones, just might not be possible this year given the current circumstances with the pandemic.

                                  However, that doesn't mean smaller and more intimate gatherings are not possible...

                                  And one particular story has yet again, grabbed our attention.

                                  In 2016, during the lead up to Thanksgiving, something pretty strange happened.

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                                  You may remember that a teen went viral for a cell phone number mishap that brought him and a random grandma together for the holidays.

                                  Is it ringing any bells?

                                  Well, they appear to have carried on their heartwarming tradition!

                                  But how did it all start?

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                                  The tradition began when Wanda Dench, now sixty-three, thought she was texting her grandson to invite him to Thanksgiving. Instead, she actually texted Jamal Hinton, who is now twenty-one.

                                  He was accidentally added to the Thanksgiving family group chat...

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                                  And Dench quite clearly got the wrong number!

                                  Hinton then responded by asking for a photo to see if it was his own grandma behind the text.

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                                  But he was left shocked when the picture that came in was of a woman with blonde hair and glasses - not Jamal's grandma.

                                  Yep, quite clearly not his grandma.

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                                  "[You're] not my grandma," Jamal replied with a laughing emoji.

                                  And of course, he then returned the favor...

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                                  Hinton from Phoenix, Arizona, sent back a selfie to let her know he was not her grandson.

                                  But, despite not knowing each other, Hinton didn't want to pass up the thanksgiving offering.

                                  So, he asked if he could stop by for dinner anyway.

                                  Hinton tweeted out the conversation where it went insanely viral to the tune of more than 215,000 retweets.

                                  People loved Dench's promise that Hinton could still come around for Thanksgiving dinner because "that's what grandmas do... feed every one." And although Dench changed her phone number after receiving a flood of messages from people amused by the exchange, Hinton?kept in touch with the family following the initial texts.

                                  And on Thanksgiving, the lovable grandma kept her end of the deal.

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                                  Dench said Hinton had indeed come over for Thanksgiving dinner,?making the drive to Mesa, Arizona, and that it was destiny that the two meet.

                                  And the best part?

                                  via: ABC News

                                  The pair still meet up for Thanksgiving.

                                  In fact, they've done it every year since their group chat mishap...

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                                  And every year, Twitter is blessed with a photo of Hinton and Dench enjoying Thanksgiving?together.

                                  Last year, Hinton posted a video on YouTube to document his and Dench's holiday dinner...

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                                  And it was pretty heartwarming, to say the least. Dench explained in the video that she grew up in the military - her father was in the Navy and her husband was also in the Army. "We moved around a lot so I was always going to new places. And so strangers were not strangers to me," she explained. "Family is more than blood, it's the people you want to be with."

                                  And as this year's Thanksgiving rolls around...

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                                  It seems the pair are showing no signs of breaking their tradition.

                                  However, things will be slightly different.

                                  Unfortunately, we recently found out that both Wanda and her husband, Lonnie, had contracted the virus a few months ago and even though she managed to recover from the illness, her husband did not.

                                  The news was announced to us via Jamal's Twitter account.

                                  He wrote: "As some of you may have already found out tonight Lonnie did not make it... he passed away Sunday morning. But Wanda told me all the love and support he was receiving put a huge smile on his face so I thank every single one of you guys for that!"

                                  In honor of her late husband, Wanda still decided that she was going to host their annual Thanksgiving dinner...

                                  But rather than it being the usual, festive feast, she kept it small and simple this year with only a few guests including Jamal and his girlfriend. Keep scrolling for the full video of this year's festivities.

                                  She told CBS this:

                                  "I didn't want to miss Thanksgiving with Jamal," she told the outlet. "This year is definitely different than all the years in the past."

                                  She continued:

                                  "Thank you for all the blessings, and thank you so much for having Lonnie in my life," Dench said as everyone sat around the table. "I miss him, but I know he's in a good place. So to everybody here, I love you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Amen." She kept a picture of her late husband at the table, so it would be like he was here to share the moment.

                                  And Jamal also said a few words for Lonnie:

                                  "I would just like to say hi, say thank you for welcoming me into your home with open arms from day one."

                                  Upon seeing the emptional video, the reactions poured in:

                                  Here's the full video posted by CBS:

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