A grandmother from Nebraska has decided to share the amazing story of how she became a surrogate for her gay son...


                                  A sixty-one-year-old woman from Nebraska has shared her incredible story...

                                  Acting as the surrogate for her son and his husband.

                                  Cecile Eledge agreed to carry her son, Matthew Eledge, and his husband Elliot Dougherty's daughter for them...

                                  And she successfully gave birth to baby Uma Louise last week.

                                  Mrs. Eledge said she was the one to suggest surrogacy after the pair wanted to start a family.

                                  "Of course, they all laughed," Mrs Eledge said.

                                  At first, her suggestion was brushed off as a joke.

                                  "It just seemed like a really beautiful sentiment on her part," Mr Dougherty said. "She's such a selfless woman."

                                  But when her son and Mr Dougherty began exploring options to have a baby...

                                  They were told by a doctor that it could be a good path to look into.

                                  Mrs. Eledge was interviewed and went through all the tests to ensure she was right for the job...

                                  As it turns out, she was perfect for the role.

                                  "I'm very health-conscious," she said.

                                  "There was no reason whatsoever to doubt that I could carry the baby."

                                  Mr Eledge provided the sperm...

                                  And Mr Dougherty's sister Lea donated her eggs.

                                  Mr Dougherty explained that this path was their "only hope" for a biological child.

                                  "We always knew we had to be unique and think outside the box with this," Mr Eledge added.

                                  For Mrs Eledge, the pregnancy was smooth sailing.

                                  The symptoms were "elevated a little bit" in comparison to her 3 earlier pregnancies.

                                  Although the only obvious sign of age she experienced came after being implanted with the embryo...

                                  Using a pregnancy test to see if the transfer had been successful.

                                  "We were told not to, but the boys couldn't wait," Mrs Eledge laughed.

                                  Although the results appeared to come through as negative.

                                  But when Mr Eledge came over to comfort her, he made out a second pink line on the pregnancy test that she had missed.

                                  "That was really a joyous moment," Mrs Eledge said, later joking about her eyesight. "She can't see anything, but she'll be able to deliver," Mrs Eledge recalls her son and Mr Dougherty saying.

                                  Most people have been supportive of her decision, although there was a "shock factor," for her 2 other children.

                                  "When everyone got the full picture it was nothing but support," she said.

                                  Although the story has caused quite a stir of hate towards LGBT families in Nebraska.

                                  Nebraska currently has no state laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation, despite gay marriage being legal.

                                  Due to her not technically giving birth to her own child, Mrs. Eledge admitted her insurance wouldn't cover the cost of the pregnancy.

                                  As well as this, the law states that the birth mother has to be listed on the certificate, meaning Uma's birth certificate has Mrs. Eledge alongside her son, excluding Mr. Dougherty.

                                  "This is just one small, micro example of the things that create roadblocks for us," Mr Eledge said.

                                  Just 4 years prior, Mr. Eledge made headlines when he was fired from his job as a teacher, due to him and Mr. Dougherty getting married.

                                  This sparked a petition demanding an "end to employment discrimination against Mr Eledge and future faculty."

                                  It garnered 102,995 supporters.

                                  Mrs Eledge says they chose to share their story to help other LGBT families understand "that there's always hope out there".

                                  "I'm learning not to take it personally," said Mr Eledge. "At the end of the day, we have a family, we have friends, we have a huge community that supports us."

                                  Both Mrs. Eledge and her granddaughter are doing well.

                                  "This little girl is surrounded by so much support, she's going to grow up in a loving family," Mrs Eledge said. "This was how it was meant to be."

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