This morning, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden announced some very exciting pet news in their exclusive interview on TODAY - though the Biden dogs might not be too happy about it.

                                  Here's the full story...

                                  Now, President Biden's dogs have arguably been one of the more heartwarming aspects of his presidency so far.

                                  Champ and Major have well and truly captured hearts all around the world.

                                  The dogs moved into the White House along with their owner on January 25th...

                                  Becoming the first rescue dogs to do so.

                                  Just under 2 months ago, one of Joe Biden's dogs - 2-year-old Major - was honored in an "Indoguration..."

                                  Hosted by Delaware Humane Association and Pumpkin Pet Insurance.

                                  The event was hosted by NBC Today Show's Jill Martin who explained that Major couldn't attend the Indoguration as "he and Champ are hard at work in preparation for their big move this week."

                                  The virtual meeting even gave participants the chance to nominate their own animals for a position in Major's cabinet.

                                  Singer Josh Groban closed the show with a performance of Patti Page's 1952 hit "(How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window?"

                                  Rewriting the lyrics to say "I'm adopting that doggie in the window."

                                  Offering his congratulations, Groban said, "Many animals have been in the White House but Major Biden will be the first rescue dog in the White House, which is why we're here."

                                  He also added, "In this crazy, insane, divided world, we need animals to bring us together."

                                  US Today reported?that Stephanie Shain, the chief operating officer for the regional sheltering organization Humane Rescue Alliance, said, "Why not a rescue? Why not a shelter?"

                                  "There remains a lot of misconceptions about animals in shelters still today and the biggest hurdle animals in shelters face is getting people in front of them."

                                  The ceremony also included a video of the day Biden officially adopted Major from the shelter and videos of animals at DHA waiting to find a forever home...

                                  Which was very cute, we must say.

                                  However, the pups have experienced some issues while adjusting to life in the White House.

                                  Last month, it was reported that both Major and Champ had been sent back to the family home in Delaware following a biting incident.

                                  Major reportedly bit a White House security guard and seemed pretty unnerved around the residence.

                                  He also charged, jumped, and barked at several members of staff.

                                  The dog has now returned to the White House following the incident.

                                  However, the issue with Major seemingly hasn't fazed the Bidens...


                                  Because today, they dropped a major hint at expanding their furry family.

                                  This morning, the couple sat down for an exclusive interview with TODAY, where they discussed the possibility of adding an extra 4 paws in the White House...


                                  And, of course, people are very excited by the news.

                                  When asked by the interviewer, Craig Melvin, about the rumored cat adoption, Jill Biden responded:


                                  "She is waiting in the wings."

                                  Craig then responded by joking:


                                  "So let me get this straight - Major Biden, who's clearly had some trouble adjusting to life at the White House, now he's going to be forced to contend with a cat as well in the White House."

                                  Jill then explained that part of Major's training involved spending time in a shelter with cats to prepare for his new companion.


                                  ?"He did fine," she added.

                                  The new cat will be the first-ever feline to live in the White House - make sure to stay posted for further updates.

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