We have watched in awe as Jonah Hill has transformed from the geeky and awkward sidekick, mainly in Judd Apatow's comedies, to a fully blown acclaimed actor who can have his pick of film roles.

                                  Hill is also known for something else, too - his amazing dress sense. But this week, he's hit out at the fashion industry...

                                  When he first hit our screens as a fresh-faced youngster, Jonah Hill was a relatively unknown name.

                                  But his chubby cheeks, nerdy awkwardness, hilarious laugh, and crazy hair had us hooked from day one.

                                  The original dudes...

                                  As his career took off, he became famous for starring alongside other comedy geniuses such as Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and Jason Segel.

                                  And of course, he owes his early success partly down to Judd Apatow.

                                  Judd cast Jonah in many of his movies, but always as the goofy best friend or crazy ass sidekick.

                                  But of course, we all know about this role...

                                  In 2007, Jonah starred in Superbad alongside Michael Cera. This hilarious coming of age film was said to be the launchpad for both these young actors' careers. And damn, were they right!

                                  Then came his large supporting role in Knocked Up with the hilarious Seth Rogen.

                                  This romantic comedy grossed $219 million worldwide and was loved by critics and film enthusiasts alike. "Just do it already."

                                  He was then seen worshipping Russell Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

                                  Cast as the slightly stalkerish waiter in this feel good comedy, Jonah managed to capture the essence of an obsessed fan perfectly and added lots of extra laughs in his scenes with Russell.

                                  "Shouldn't have had the Jeffrey".

                                  In Get Him To The Greek, a spin-off film from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jonah played Aaron Green, an ambitious executive who's tasked with escorting rock legend Aldous Snow to the Greek Theatre for his comeback tour.

                                  He then branched out into children's films...

                                  Jonah was then cast in three animated films; How to Train Your Dragon, Horton Hears A Who! and Megamind. With his hilarious voice and energy, he suited these roles perfectly.

                                  Jonah received his first Oscar nomination for Moneyball in 2011.

                                  Starring alongside Brad Pitt, Jonah was praised for his portrayal of Peter Brand, maths genius in this sports drama. At the time, he spoke of how much he learned from starring alongside Brad.

                                  His first producing credits came with 21 Jump Street.

                                  Starring alongside Channing Tatum, Jonah both acted in and produced this action/comedy. Did it give him a taste for being involved in making films as well as starring in them? We think so.

                                  Of course, we also had to mention 22 Jump Street.

                                  The sequel to 21 Jump Street, this film was received in much the same way as its predecessor. Basically the fans couldn't get enough of it. And could we blame them with the hysterical Jonah and the gorgeous Channing. It was a match made in heaven.

                                  "You show me a cheque for $72,000, I quit my job, I come work for you."

                                  After Moneyball, Jonah's next major film role was in The Wolf of Wall Street alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. Jonah wanted to be in this film so badly that he tracked down Leo, pleaded his case and even offered to take a pay cut. Boy are we glad he said yes!

                                  Joining the Netflix revolution...

                                  Back alongside Emma Stone again, the Netflix original?Maniac, received mixed reviews but personally we loved it. A dark psychological comedy, this role gave Jonah the chance to use his comedic talents but also to portray a more complex character who was suffering from schizophrenia.

                                  His directing debut...

                                  Now that he had conquered the film world so to speak, Jonah moved on to fulfilling his life long dream of becoming a director.

                                  But aside from filmmaking, Hill is known for something else, too...

                                  He has an extremely unique fashion sense.

                                  In fact, he's credited with starting the "scumbro" aesthetic.

                                  Which is essentially a scruffy, anything-goes, fun approach to getting dressed.

                                  But now the star has hit out at the fashion industry...

                                  With some pretty scathing comments.

                                  He explained why he believes people are sometimes so surprised he's into fashion.

                                  " Because, (A) being overweight and (B) comedy, you’re not supposed to be into fashion on either of those sides," he told GQ,

                                  He went on...

                                  "When I was coming up in comedy, you would get made fun of if you cared about fashion, but I always did. I think the biggest shift in my personal style was that I always had an interest in personal style and fashion, but I was always a bigger guy."

                                  "It’s really hard when you’re overweight to dress a certain way, because clothes aren’t made for people who are overweight to have style."

                                  "So, I think it surprises people."

                                  "Even now, I’ll overhear someone discussing my place in the fashion world or whatever, and people are like: ‘That guy? The schlubby guy from Superbad?’"

                                  Well, we think he looks great! Want more fashion news? Then scroll on ...

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