Kaley Cuoco and her husband Karl Cook has paid tribute to their beloved rescue dog Petunia in a tear-jerking post...

                                  Kaley has long been a champion for the adopt don't shop cause...

                                  And recently, she has stepped up her efforts for rescuing abused dogs amid the ongoing pandemic.

                                  But sadly, the Big Bang Theory alum has had to say goodbye to one of her beloved recuses this week...

                                  The heartbreaking news was revealed by her husband Karl Cook on Wednesday.

                                  The pair received an outpouring of love from fans following the emotional post...

                                  And it has certainly tugged at people's heartstrings.

                                  Now, both Kaley and Karl are well-known animal lovers...

                                  And they have several rescue pets in their home, including their recently adopted senior chihuahua.

                                  The couple adopted pitbull Petunia earlier this year.

                                  The adorable doggo had previously been unable to find a loving, forever home.

                                  But sadly this week, Karl revealed the pup had passed away.

                                  The star penned a tear-jerking post on Instagram, in which he stated the dog is now "happy" and "at rest."

                                  "After a life of untold loneliness and hardship she is at rest," he wrote, alongside several adorable photos and clips of Petunia.

                                  "We did what we adopted petunia to do better than anyone else, give her everything. She is resting at peace, with every day’s sunset to warm her."

                                  He continued.

                                  "What is what matters most. Petunia it is not the amount of time together, but it’s affects on the soul. You affected everyone who met you."

                                  "You’re forever my old lady??????."

                                  "I miss you so much already, sleep my sweet angel??????."

                                  Rest in peace Petunia.

                                  Our thoughts go out to Kaley and Karl at this difficult time. For more heartbreaking stories, read on to learn about the dog who was abandoned with the most heart-wrenching note from its former owner...

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