Kylie Jenner has recently posted the most frightening photograph of her daughter, Stormi, with the Grinch. But the best part of it is actually the little girl's facial expression...

                                  Have a look for yourselves.

                                  Fans have been left shocked after seeing a festive photograph of Kylie's daughter...

                                  Posing with none other than the anti-Christmas character, The Grinch. You'll want to see this one.

                                  We are all familiar with Kylie Jenner, aren't we?

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                                  Kylie Jenner is the youngest sibling of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, and she has recently been labeled as the youngest "self-made" female billionaire in the world.

                                  She is known for her glamorous and lavish lifestyle...

                                  But she wasn't always like this.

                                  Kylie was born in 1997 in California.

                                  She was born to Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner.

                                  She is the youngest sibling of the famous family...

                                  And Kylie and her big sister Kendall became the iconic duo in the reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians when Kylie was just ten-years-old.

                                  The sisters grew up very quickly...

                                  Kendall went on to pursue a successful modeling career, and desperate to not be left behind, Kylie grew up at an alarming pace - starting by altering her entire appearance.

                                  It started with the infamous lip fillers...

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                                  Inbetween 2014-2015, Kylie's lips were noticeably fuller and much plumper. Lip fillers were very much apparent, but Kylie continuously denied having surgery and instead blamed her sudden change in lip size on lip liner alone.

                                  This caused a complete media frenzy.

                                  Kylie eventually admitted to having lip fillers due to her insecurities. But of course, who cares what a person decides to do to their bodies, right?

                                  This began the transformation of the modern-day Kylie Jenner.

                                  Kylie began to look a lot older, very quickly. Her features became much more enhanced, such as a sharper jawline, fuller cheeks, and her body even appeared to take on a much more "hourglass" shape.

                                  She also began to build a career for herself.

                                  Apart from KUWTK and a few modeling jobs, Kylie decided she wanted to take a step down the path of business, so she started her own company in 2015 - Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Cosmetics is unbelievably successful and within its first eighteen months, Kylie's company made $420 million in sales, and it is estimated that Kylie personally earned $60 million after taxes from her business.

                                  Meet "billionaire" Kylie...

                                  Kylie's cosmetic brand has gone on to be a huge success, making Kylie one of the youngest and most wealthy businesswomen to ever live, according to Forbes.

                                  Her beauty brand wasn't the only thing keeping Kylie in the limelight...

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                                  Her personal life was constantly flaunted on social media, in particular, Instagram, including her on-and-off relationship with rapper Tyga between 2014-2018.

                                  When Kylie and Tyga called it a day on their relationship...

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                                  The drama didn't stop there.

                                  Kylie very quickly moved on...

                                  She began dating another rapper, Travis Scott, and they got serious very fast.

                                  So serious, in fact...

                                  They had a baby together! Stormi Webster was born on February 1st, 2018 and Kylie managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for the entire 9 months.

                                  Stormi is utterly adorable.

                                  And she's growing up so fast.

                                  She seems to have had no trouble with the lavish lifestyle of her family... but who would?

                                  She's definitely Kylie's mini-me.

                                  Kylie has been mom-shamed in the past...

                                  Despite being a great mom (and it being no one's business), the parenting police have slammed Kylie on numerous occasions.

                                  For example, the beauty mogul has been slammed in the past for her choice of jewelry for Stormi.

                                  Yep, really.

                                  Stormi was just 2-years-old at the time.

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                                  And people really weren't happy with Kylie's choice of jewelry for the tot.

                                  In fact, her comments were flooded with criticism.

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                                  "Those earrings look waaay too heavy for her ears. You'll stretch her earlobes," declared one user.

                                  "She is too young. Poor kid."

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                                  Many didn't think the earrings were appropriate for her age.

                                  There was truly no holding back...

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                                  And people were ripping into Kylie, saying the tot's earlobes could get ripped from the earrings. "She’s cute however, she’s a baby and babies need studs if they are going to wear earrings. You can have her name as a pair of small gold studs blinged out. It would be safer and still super cute. We don’t want baby Stormi’s earlobe getting ripped," one user said.

                                  And this week, the young mom has made headlines again...

                                  But this time, it's for exposing her child to the Grinch. The beauty influencer recently unveiled her festive collab with the Grinch (and yes, it's already sold out!) with eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks, all with a devilish green twist to the packaging.

                                  Her promo posts were also pretty exciting...

                                  Check this one out.

                                  But one picture, in particular, stole the limelight...

                                  And it was the one where the Grinch actually came to surprise little? Stormi!

                                  Comments poured in, with people having a lot to say about the picture...

                                  Here's the post:

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