Just imagine winning the ultimate jackpot. I'm not just talking a couple of hundred bucks, here. I'm talking a couple of million. But what if there was a catch?

                                  Winning the MegaMillions is usually only a dream for many...

                                  Let's be real honest with ourselves, the chances of winning the MegaMillions are probably a million to one.

                                  But, for those lucky few, that dream becomes a reality.

                                  There has been a recorded total of around sixty winners in the history of the MegaMillions, which, in essence, seems like quite a lot of lucky people, with the highest win being a staggering $105 million. But, in comparison to the United States' population of 327.2 million people, it really isn't that many.

                                  Just imagine what could be done with that much money...

                                  The list of things that could be done if you won that sum of money is endless.

                                  Would you buy a few houses? A Lamborghini? A private jet? An island?

                                  It makes buying a lottery ticket pretty damn tempting...

                                  $6 is totally worth winning a couple of million, right?

                                  Well, one California woman struck gold.

                                  ...Or did she?

                                  She purchased a winning $26 million SuperLotto Plus ticket at a California gas station last year.

                                  But sadly, it seems as though she won't be able to claim her prize.

                                  Why, you may ask?

                                  Well - it's because she tossed the valuable piece of paper in the laundry.

                                  The prize hadn't been claimed, and news outlets were speculating about the potential winner.

                                  And now we know why.

                                  The gas station has CCTV footage of the transaction.

                                  The arbitrator who handled the case deemed that the winnings should be shared because "that was probably not the first lottery ticket that the defendant purchased during the marriage" and "as losses throughout the marriage were incurred jointly, so should winnings by shared jointly."

                                  But sadly, that's not enough.

                                  The woman will need more evidence for a lottery payout.

                                  So, what happens if the prize remains unclaimed?

                                  via: Getty Images

                                  Well, there's likely to be a surplus of $19.7 million for the state of California to deal with.

                                  Luckily, all is not lost.

                                  via: Getty Images

                                  The money will be allocated to public schools in the state of california.

                                  And that's not all ...

                                  Apparently. California schools have received over $1 billion over the years thanks to unclaimed lottery tickets.

                                  A lesson well learned?

                                  Always check your pockets before doing your laundry, guys!

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