A man has gained viral fame this week after he turned up to a wedding with 6 women who were all pregnant with his children.

                                  Keep scrolling for the full, somewhat ridiculous story...

                                  He's been a busy man, hasn't he?

                                  Real name Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, but known more commonly as "Pretty Mike", the Lagos nightclub owner is no stranger to controversy.

                                  I mean, what man with 6 girlfriends isn't?

                                  Mike has become known for his extravagant and lavish lifestyle, and he isn't afraid to show off his "romantic" exploits on Instagram.

                                  For example...

                                  In September last year, he posed with 5 women in wedding dresses, saying it was his "dream" to marry "2 of my exes and 3 of my current girlfriends."

                                  His view on women is problematic, to say the least.

                                  Taking to Instagram to share his philosophy on romantic relationships, he wrote: "I Also Deserve to be Spoiled, told I am HandSome, told my efforts are Appreciated and should also be made to Feel Secure...If u treat me like a King, I will treat u like my Princess."

                                  But, while many people merely see his antics as a bit of online entertainment...

                                  They have been known to land him in trouble in the past.

                                  In 2017, he was embroiled in controversy for an outrageous wedding stunt.

                                  He arrived with girls on leashes like dogs, according to Nigerian media, a move that led to his eventual arrest.

                                  Many thought that would be the end of his degrading and derogatory behaviour...

                                  Because, after that incident, he reportedly signed an undertaking to "stop whatever act of putting girls on a leash or any other degrading treatment to ladies and guys."

                                  Well, whoever thought he could change was gravely mistaken.

                                  Because, this week, he has stirred up the controversy once more with yet another outrageous wedding antic.

                                  People are not impressed...

                                  This time, he rocked up to his friend's wedding with 6 pregnant women who he claims to each be carrying his child.

                                  Describing the women as his "6 baby mothers to be," he was filmed feeling each of their baby bumps fondly as they waited in line at the wedding.

                                  Here's his post.

                                  Though he insists that the photo is "no film trick... we are just living our best life", it hasn't actually been proven that he single-handedly impregnated all 6 women.

                                  But for now, we only have his word.

                                  Congratulations to the happy... sextuplets? For more unbelievable wedding stories, keep scrolling...

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