We are well and truly into the festive season, what with Christmas only a couple of weeks away.

                                  But, while we've already played the usuals on repeat, there's a new tune on the block featuring the festive legend that is Mariah Carey, and it might have just saved the hot mess that is 2020...

                                  I know it doesn't entirely feel like it, but Christmas is just around the corner.

                                  And (some of us) have got our gifts sorted and plans for the big day mapped out.

                                  Even though this year might be a little different from others, there's still a lot to love about it...

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                                  Let’s face it, the holiday season offers the best in terms of food, drink, movies, and home decor.

                                  But the festive period has yet another perk...

                                  Christmas music.

                                  There's nothing better than getting into the Christmas spirit with some festive tunes.

                                  From unbeatable classics like Wham's "Last Christmas" to more recent editions like Ariana Grande's "Santa Tell Me," there's truly no shortage of holiday music out there.

                                  But there's one song that's the pinnacle of the festive season...

                                  Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You," of course!

                                  The 1994 hit has long served as a fan favorite for the festivities.

                                  Just like clockwork, as soon as Halloween is over, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is on repeat.

                                  In fact, some believe that it's the last of the "iconic" Christmas songs.

                                  There's no denying that more recent festive tunes have failed to beat their cult classic predecessors.

                                  In recent years, the tune has enjoyed a surge in popularity...

                                  Something many believe is down to the shift in technology-based listening habits.

                                  “This song is not one of those things that decay year over year, with some old-style message," explained Dave Bakula, a senior analyst for Nielsen Music. “It’s a simple, straight-ahead pop gem that just happens to be about Christmas."

                                  But, chart-wise, the song hasn't done as well as you'd have probably thought...

                                  It may be one of the most popular Christmas songs, but Mariah's festive pop jam only peaked at number 3 in the charts before last year.

                                  And that's when it made history.

                                  The popular hit has topped the Billboard chart for the first time ever since its release over 2 decades ago.

                                  Carey is just one hit single away from overtaking The Beatles...

                                  The iconic band currently holds the overall all-time record with 20 "Hot 100" number 1's.

                                  "All I Want For Christmas Is You" hitting number one has also marked another milestone...

                                  The festive favorite now ranks as the highest-charting holiday song in over sixty years. Wow.

                                  But she might just out-do herself this year...

                                  In an all-new Christmas song titled "Oh Santa!", the festive hitmaker has decided to team up with 2 other powerful female artists, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson to give us yet another tune to play this season.

                                  But while the song is extremely catchy, there was one moment that no one can stop talking about.

                                  Of course, with both artists being known for their powerful high notes, they had to give their fans what they wanted.

                                  And let me tell you, they fully delivered. Dressed in glamorous outfits, they really put us in the festive spirit.

                                  And we haven't forgotten about you, J Hud!

                                  She absolutely killed it in the video too.

                                  I must say, 2020 is looking a lot brighter now that "Oh Santa" has been released.

                                  For those of you that haven't seen it yet... Here you go.

                                  Consider it an early Christmas present:

                                  In the meantime, keep scrolling to see how people are making money from watching their favorite festive films...

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