McDonald's has come under fire for "cultural appropriation" this week after the launch of its festive menu...


                                  But not everyone is seeing it that way.

                                  Opinions are seriously divided online following the launch of McDonald's highly anticipated Christmassy selection.

                                  Now, the festive menu is usually met with nothing but excitement.

                                  The fast-food giant always knocks it out of the park with its Christmas-themed selection but, this year, things have gone a little ship-shaped.

                                  Over in the United Kingdom, the festive menu launched on November 18th...

                                  And includes items such as the double Big Mac, cheese-melt dippers, and a "Celebrations" McFlurry for dessert.

                                  However, there's one item that's caused a little bit of controversy...

                                  And that's the new Jerk Chicken sandwich.

                                  But what exactly makes up the new burger?

                                  It features 2 crispy Chicken Selects topped with a spicy jerk sauce, bacon, pepper jack cheese, onion, and lettuce in a sourdough bun.

                                  And as for the jerk sauce?

                                  Well, it's fully authentic, according to the fast-food chain itself. As per their website, their sauce includes tomato paste, Habanero chilli puree, caramelised sugar syrup, spices, garlic, ginger, and basil.

                                  Jerk chicken is believed to have come from is believed by historians to come from indigenous Taino people and Maroons...

                                  Descendants of Africans who were enslaved in the Caribbean islands.

                                  So, because of this, opinions are seriously divided over the menu's newest addition.

                                  While some are excited about the burger, many have slammed it as been "culturally inappropriate."

                                  They aren't impressed...

                                  However, other's don't see any issue with incorporating a different culture into the menu.

                                  McDonald's has been contacted for a comment on the backlash...

                                  But they are yet to respond.

                                  What do you think?

                                  Is the fast-food chain wrong for including the Jamaican delicacy? Or should they be more inclusive of different cuisines? For more on McDonald's festive antics, keep scrolling to watch their tear-jerking new Christmas commercial...

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