Being a parent is one of the most wonderful things that life can give us. One of our worst nightmares of losing our children is sadly a reality for many parents, but what you don't expect is your close friend to make things harder for you while you're grieving.

                                  One mom broke down after her friend asked for their gift back after her baby died... Read on for the shocking story.

                                  There's nothing quite as rewarding as parenthood.

                                  The love between you and your child is something unlike any other feeling on earth - it's a pretty magical thing.

                                  But that's not to say it's easy...

                                  Being a mom or dad is basically the hardest job on earth - and the pressure to be a perfect parent can make life even more stressful.

                                  And even if you try to stay relaxed...

                                  There are some aspects of parenthood are just plain frustrating. Hey, no one said being one was always going to be great fun, did they?

                                  But at the end of the day...

                                  Our children are totally worth it.

                                  But there's nothing quite as terrifying as something happening to our babies...

                                  And sadly, many parents out there have experienced the tragedy of losing a child - something no parent should ever go through.

                                  And this one mom shared her story about how the loss of her baby made her realize some important things...

                                  Sharing an emotional post to Reddit, she claimed that her friend had asked for her gifts back after her baby tragically died including a blanket buried with the deceased child.

                                  Along with the post she shared some screenshots of text exchanges between the two.

                                  And of course, the reaction to the evidence was overwhelming with many people left shocked at how insensitive her friend was given the circumstances.

                                  People are horrified...

                                  It all started when this mom's baby, named Benjamin, was born at twenty-nine weeks old.

                                  And he didn't survive. But the worst thing is that a week later, her friend texted her the most disturbing thing.

                                  This is what she said:

                                  "Hey hun, just wondering if u used the bits n bobs I got for the baby? If not I can give them to Laura's little one. Hope your ok and resting up hun?"

                                  She continued:

                                  "Let me know hun before I buy more stuff, save a bit of money before Xmas, you know how it is lol."

                                  The distraught mother couldn't believe what she was reading...

                                  "I'm not doing OK, I'm heartbroken." She continued: "I can't believe you're asking me at the moment, but yes I still have the things except for the blanket, he will be buried with it because it is warm and I thought it was stunning. I mean... I hope that's OK for you?!?"

                                  But the conversation only got worse as the friend didn't leave the idea alone.

                                  "Is there a chance you have another blanky for him babe?" She started the next text with.

                                  And she then went on to offer supportive words for her friend, despite causing her extra upset.

                                  She told her to contact her if she needs anything, but when the mom ignored her message, she continued to send a flurry of texts.

                                  "Babe, can you let me know..."

                                  "I know you're busy, so am I and I need to know before I spend more money on Laura's baby and the kids for Christmas see hun?" She followed it up with more texts saying: "?????" and "What if I popped round tomorrow? I can pick it up then babe."

                                  This woman clearly has no boundaries or sense.

                                  The mom was now beyond upset and irritated, writing back to her with this: "No! Don't come here, please. The blanket is in with Benjamin!"

                                  She continued:

                                  "You can have the rest (of the things) I'll drop them off at yours, don't even think of coming here. My husband is fuming with these messages you are sending me a week after I lose my baby."

                                  Furious, she also added:

                                  "They're packed in a bag… I'll leave them at yours. The blanket is with Benjamin he is having 'use' out of it thank you very much."

                                  And if you thought it couldn't get any worse than this... It can.

                                  The vile friend then asked the grieving mother to cover the cost of the blanket if she wasn't going to return it! I don't think I can quite believe that this has happened. How can a woman be so insensitive, let alone a friend?

                                  Let's hope this mom cuts her out of her life for good.

                                  No one needs a "friend" like that. If you're in the mood for more news about a mother's worst nightmare, then keep scrolling...

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