One mother's recent decision to get her baby's ears pierced has divided opinions online...

                                  There's nothing quite as rewarding as motherhood...

                                  The love between you and your child is something unlike any other feeling on earth… It’s?a?pretty magical?thing.

                                  But that's not to say it's easy...

                                  Being a mom is basically?the hardest job?on earth – and the pressure to be a perfect parent can make life even?more?stressful.

                                  And even if you try to stay relaxed...

                                  There are some aspects of motherhood are just eternally frustrating. Hey, no one said being a mom was always going to be great fun,?right?

                                  There are many things that make parenthood irritating...

                                  But there’s one thing pretty much?every?mom out there can relate to, which is feeling like you're not giving your kids the best.

                                  And what makes matters worse?

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                                  Everyone on the internet has an opinion.

                                  But one controversial parenting decision has broken the internet this week.

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                                  It's safe to say people have some pretty strong opinions...

                                  Levi Connell, a twenty-five-year-old mom from Leeds, UK, has come under major fire this week.

                                  The reason? Well, she made the decision to pierce her 8-week-old baby's ears.

                                  "When I first decided to get it done I had mixed reviews from everyone, including my mum and partner."

                                  "She was eight weeks old and I just took her one day and had it done. Other people said she was too young but I just look at her now and she is perfect," she told local media.

                                  "It saves me the aggravation when she's little because when she's older she might say she wants them and then decide she doesn't and now it's done she'll have them forever."

                                  "I've heard through the grapevine that people had been saying things about me. I've seen comments on Facebook of people saying it's child abuse and that is disgusting - you can't say that about somebody."

                                  "They did it with the piercing gun so they drew dots on her ears, made a few alterations, did one, and then she got a little bit upset with herself but they calmed her down and did the other."

                                  "It was done at our own pace so there was no rush and now she doesn't play with her ears because she knows they're there."

                                  "Keep your opinions to yourself."

                                  "I don't think anyone should have an opinion on something like this - would you discriminate because of a tattoo?"

                                  "You've got to live for today because you don't know what's around the corner."

                                  "Make your own choice - it's your baby and you brought them into this world so you can decide what is best for them." What do you think? Should Levi have pierced her daughter's ears in the first place? Or should people simply mind their own business? For more mom content, scroll on to see the reason Kelly Clarkson became a victim of mom-shaming ...

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