A mom of 5 has wowed people after she graduated from college nearly 3 decades after starting her degree.

                                  And there's a huge reason why her story is so special...

                                  Tyra Muhammad has just accomplished a big feat:

                                  She returned to college nearly 3 decades after she first enrolled as an undergraduate student, and managed to graduate.

                                  The forty-six-year-old mother of 5 graduated last month from Grambling State University.

                                  It may have taken her nearly thirty years, but the determined mom has completed her studies with flying colors.

                                  People are astounded by her story...

                                  Muhammad, an English major, first enrolled at Grambling State as a freshman in 1994.

                                  But, it wasn't long before she met her husband in the same school and the 2 married at the end of Muhammad's freshman year when she was nineteen.

                                  The couple wasted no time starting a family.

                                  And Muhammad paused her college career when she became pregnant, as it was too hard for her to stay in school.

                                  Muhammad went on to become a certified nursing assistant...

                                  At various points, she tried to restart at Grambling State, but it always took second place to motherhood.

                                  Sadly, Muhammad and her husband later divorced.

                                  And, by 2018, her youngest child was a teenager... Meaning she finally had the time to complete her studies.

                                  She re-enrolled at Grambling State...

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                                  Where, incredibly, 3 of her children were also enrolled.

                                  However, she was concerned her kids would be embarrassed about attending school with their mom.

                                  "I sat my children down and talked to them and asked them if it’d be awkward if I attended at the same time and they said no," Muhammad recalled.

                                  She continued:

                                  "I always wanted my degree and also wanted to be an example to my children in terms of the importance of education."

                                  But, on campus, she said her family got a reaction she never expected.

                                  The mom of 5 said she would often get positive attention on campus because family would so often be seen together.

                                  She even had at least one class with one of her children.

                                  "It was a fun time," she said. "I really, really enjoyed my time in school with my children."

                                  "I had the thought of, ‘I’m too old to do this. I’m too old to go back to school and be back on campus,' but my kids encouraged me and were there for me."

                                  "People at times would think we were all siblings [on campus] together, so I appreciated that."

                                  Muhammad's son Elijah, twenty-two, said he and his siblings enjoyed the rare chance to attend college with their mom.

                                  "It was fun for me," said Elijah, who is studying business management and marketing. "Every parent is curious as to what their child is doing on campus and she got to see what I was doing and what I was involved with. Our schedules were different but we would see each other quite often."

                                  And it seems the Muhammad family will continue to be well-known faces at Grambling State.

                                  Because 4 of the family members will be returning to campus.

                                  Muhammad, who hopes to be a teacher, and her daughter are going back to school for graduate degrees...

                                  While Elijah plans to continue his studies for a degree in marketing and another sibling is enrolling as an undergraduate student.

                                  Muhammad sees her journey as a "blessing."

                                  "It’s a blessing because it makes me feel like, okay, I did something right," she said. "To see them strive and do well and to want to go back and continue on is an amazing feeling."

                                  The mom-of-5 says she hopes her story will inspire others to follow their dreams, no matter how long it takes...

                                  "Perseverance is so important," she said. "Even if it’s not going back to school, if you have a goal to attain, just do it." And it's safe to say, she's had a huge impact on people who praised her for her perseverance...

                                  Congratualtions, Tyra!

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