NASCAR crew members are in mourning following the tragic death of former crew member, William "Rowdy" Harrell, and his wife, Blakley, just days after their wedding.

                                  Here's what we know so far...

                                  William "Rowdy" Harrell, a pit crew member for Hendrick Motorsports, has been tragically killed with his new wife while on honeymoon together.

                                  The NASCAR community, fans, and family of the couple are in shock over the sudden loss.

                                  Harrell, thirty, and his wife Blakley, twenty-three, died on Tuesday night.

                                  Which was shockingly just 3 days after their wedding.

                                  "Our entire team is absolutely devastated at the loss of Rowdy and Blakley," Greg Ives, crew chief, said on Wednesday.

                                  "They were such positive, giving and passionate people who could not have been a more perfect match. Rowdy had an energetic and infectious personality. He was the heart and soul of our team and always kept us motivated, no matter the circumstance. Rowdy shared his love with the people around him and was loved in return."

                                  "Although he will be greatly missed, his memory will continue to inspire us always. Our prayers are with Rowdy, Blakley, and their wonderful family," Ives added.

                                  Ever since the news broke, people have been sharing their condolences to the crew and their family...

                                  "Rowdy was everything that made the 88 team, the 88 team," Bowman wrote on Twitter Wednesday.

                                  "The biggest personality and the best person. He was the happiest person you’d ever meet, and that was only reinforced by his wife Blakley. Rip to an absolute legend. You’ll be missed every single day brother."

                                  Other members of the crew also paid their respects to Harrell...

                                  "Rowdy was one of the most happy, kindest souls I’d ever met and one of the greatest on pit road," Kevin Hamlin, a spotter for the No. 88 team, tweeted. "I feel so terrible for his and Blakley’s families, and this team won’t be the same without them."

                                  Jacob Conley, one of the crew members, wrote on Facebook...

                                  "Life is such a fragile thing and it can change in an instant. You never know when you’ve given someone the last hug or sent them the last text or cracked your last beer with them. The hauler will be a little quieter on race day and the van rides too but the light Rowdy shined on so many people will not burn out anytime soon. I know him and sweet Blakley Harrell will always have a special place in my heart. I’ll miss our late night chats in the hotel rooms on the road talking about nonsense and I’ll crack a busch light for you buddy."

                                  The pair died in a fatal crash which occurred at 9:40 p.m. on Tuesday, when Harrell crossed the center line, hitting another vehicle head-on.

                                  Harrel and his wife were pronounced dead when emergency services arrived. Although the sixty-two-year-old truck driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

                                  However, two other female passengers in the truck, age fifty-eight and sixty-two, suffered severe injuries...

                                  They were taken to the hospital immediately, although it has not yet been reported what their current state is.

                                  The authorities are currently investigating whether alcohol had anything to do with the fatal crash.

                                  Harrell was a tire carrier for Hendrick Motorsports, and also served as a pit crew member in two championship seasons for JR Motorsports. This is devastating news. Rest in peace.

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