We're all dealing with the news of the Capitol riots in different ways, trying to come to terms with what has happened. However, some of us, including me, are relishing the abundance of "How It Started vs How It's Going" memes. Obviously.

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                                  It's no secret that it's been a difficult time for our country...


                                  As the plans for Biden's presidency begin to unfold, tensions amongst the pro-Trump community escalated to shocking levels.

                                  While it's taken weeks for the president himself to concede to Biden...

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                                  His supporters have been fueling the flames behind his various election fraud allegations.

                                  And last Wednesday, those tensions reached a breaking point.

                                  On January 6th, during which a joint session of Congress convened to formally count the Electoral College votes and certify Joe Biden’s election win, lawmakers were forced to shelter in place and evacuate as pro-Trump rioters broke into the U.S Capitol Building.

                                  Hundreds of rioters forced their way into the prestigious building...

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                                  Breaking windows, doors, and furniture along with chants of "stop the steal!"

                                  The rioters took over several of the rooms and chambers in the building...

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                                  And photos showing them looting objects, such as the lectern of U.S. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, quickly started circulating online.

                                  A group of rioters even broke into Pelosi's office...

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                                  With one posing in her chair with his feet up on the desk.

                                  From this, more violence ensued...

                                  As rioters clashed with the few police officers in presence.

                                  The scenes shocked people all over the globe...

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                                  And the world watched on, transfixed, as more and more rioters continued to spill into the Capitol and clash with police.

                                  Shortly afterward, it was confirmed that there had been fatalities within the Capitol.

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                                  Chief Robert Contee III of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC, confirmed the news during a press conference.

                                  It quickly emerged that one female rioter had been shot dead by police...

                                  However, details surrounding the other 4 fatalities remain unclear. "One adult female and 2 adult males appear to have suffered from separate medical emergencies on or around Capitol grounds," Contee said, "which resulted in their deaths." Later, it was reported that another person had also died.

                                  From the get-go, there were calls for Trump to intervene.

                                  The president was repeatedly urged to appear on national television to order his supporters to stand down.

                                  He instead issued a series of tweets, from his official account which has now been suspended from all social media platforms...

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                                  Where he reminded the rioters that the police and law enforcement was "on our side," and to "remain peaceful."

                                  Photographs and videos of Wednesday's scenes continue to circulate online...

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                                  Many of which also show the aftermath of the siege.

                                  You'll be glad to know that some of the perpetrators of this horrific crime have already been brought to justice.

                                  Several arrests have already been made, with key suspects being identified via video footage from the scene.

                                  Many weren't too hard to spot, given their choice of riot gear.

                                  From CEOs to retail employees...


                                  There seems to have been a whole array of attendees at the riots.

                                  But don't worry, justice is currently running its course.


                                  And what better way to sum up just how impactful it's been via a bunch of hilarious "How It Started vs How It's Going" memes?

                                  It seems as though each of these memes have one thing in common...

                                  Here are some of the best ones:

                                  from pics

                                  from pics

                                  ?I don't know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed that...

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