Have you ever had a day where you felt like the universe had a personal vendetta against you?

                                  You might just be going about your business, trying to enjoy a very normal day of your very normal life, when BAM! Your belt loop gets caught on a door handle. You take a moment to disengage your pants from the door (seriously, how does this even happen?), then somehow manage to spill water all over yourself while taking a drink (something you have done literally thousands of times throughout your life, but OK). And then you step into the puddle while wearing your socks.

                                  I know how it feels. Just the other day, I was in a huge rush and managed to spill?an entire bowl of chopped fruit all over the floor. It was great.

                                  The people in the following photos also know exactly how it feels. Never underestimate life's ability to mess things up at exactly the wrong moment.

                                  Pool time!

                                  I cannot stop watching this. Also, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm somehow doing both?

                                  Poor Tony.

                                  Believe it or not, Tony Hawk experiences this kind of thing pretty often. This isn't the only tweet from him on the list.

                                  Talk about awkward.

                                  A "B" isn't bad! But this situation is kinda bad.

                                  Perfect timing.

                                  You can do your job 99.9 percent perfectly for an entire shift, but I guarantee that your boss is going to walk in exactly as you make the one mistake of the day. And it's gonna be a doozy.

                                  Thanks, cat.

                                  Has any video ever better captured the life of a cat owner? I don't think so.


                                  On the bright side, your boyfriend isn't cheating on you! That's something, right?

                                  Oh, this is bad.

                                  There's obviously no shortage of online shopping fails. But this may be one of the worst ones I've ever seen.

                                  Going to Michael's.

                                  What can I say? Michael always gives me exactly what I need. Scrapbook paper and acrylic paint, to be precise.

                                  That's a new one.

                                  And here this person was, just trying to get some lunch. At least they're having a better day than their delivery driver.

                                  Bye, grandma!

                                  This story is honestly amazing and hilarious (and don't worry; it has a happy ending!). That'll teach you to go around sitting on icebergs ('cause that's a thing you do often, obviously).

                                  She was just trying to nap in the car!

                                  Imagine waking up covered in sunflower seeds that your parent inadvertently spit onto you. That's gotta cause some lasting trauma, right?

                                  This poor dog!

                                  She was just sitting there minding her own business! She looks so betrayed in this picture.

                                  Thinking of juicing? Don't.

                                  Sure, juicing may be healthy, but it can also lead to this situation. You don't wanna risk it.


                                  I guess this why you should text and bike, but I?also think this is a perfect example of life messing things up just because it can.

                                  Just that kind of day.

                                  And you just?know this happened on a day when both the original customer and the first AAA guy were in a huge hurry 'Cause that's just how life works.

                                  Perfect fit.

                                  Oh, were you trying to spend some of your hard-earned money on a soda? TOO BAD!

                                  What a burn.

                                  Making a mistake at work always stinks. Being called out on that mistake by a 7-year-old is way worse, though.

                                  I don't think it's supposed to do that.

                                  Well, that sucks. Or...doesn't suck, rather.

                                  Cool. Cool cool cool.

                                  And?of course this happened on the day you were wearing white jeans. I'm telling you: Life has a great sense of irony.

                                  Here's poor Tony Hawk again:

                                  All he wanted was to pick up his rental car. But no. Life had other plans.

                                  WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!

                                  Hey, dude, I realize you might not be super happy with your relationship, but you just messed up real real bad. Like, you could not have chosen a worse time to do this.

                                  And that's how I learned I have astigmatism.

                                  This was also me when I saw this picture. On the bright side, I now understand why driving on a rainy night is the worst thing ever.

                                  I hope you like yellow.

                                  You might have a bad day at work, but I bet you've never come home covered head to toe in yellow pigment like this person. Count your blessings.

                                  Hot potato!

                                  You probably shouldn't eat that. Actually, you?definitely shouldn't eat that.

                                  Blood mail?!

                                  It's things like this that make you realize that nature could literally not care less about humans and all of the stuff they have going on. Nature stops for no one.

                                  Tough nut to crack.

                                  He was trying to show off his strength. But I guess he didn't realize just how strong he really was.

                                  Oh, Diego.

                                  I'm sorry, Diego. I really am.

                                  Good to know.

                                  Thanks a lot, cookie. Here I was just trying to enjoy my sweet and sour pork, but this is good, too.

                                  Farewell, my burrito.

                                  Quitting a job is always slightly awkward. Being able to bring a burrito home probably makes up for it, though.

                                  I've got sunshiiiiiiine.

                                  It really seems like this sun visor manufacturer really wanted to screw over this one man in particular. Share this with someone who is having a rough day. Maybe these photos will make them feel better!

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