Can't be bothered to cook on Thanksgiving? Too much stress?

                                  If so, not to worry! Popeyes now has you covered with their huge Thanksgiving combo meal...

                                  Thanksgiving can be stressful, can't it?

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                                  It requires a lot of planning and organization.

                                  And that's before you've even started the cooking!

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                                  With the holiday only a week away, you're probably already starting to prepare and hoping for a smooth run.

                                  Though, we will face one issue with Thanksgiving this year...

                                  And that's an issue that might mean some families decide to celebrate it a little differently.

                                  Of course, we are still in the middle of a worldwide pandemic...

                                  With some restrictions still in place and the virus rife, we need to be careful.

                                  But because we have spent so much time apart from our family this year, it would be nice to celebrate Thanksgiving together...

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                                  Yet for some families, this won't be possible this year due to the risk of spreading the virus.

                                  Making this Thanksgiving a very different one...

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                                  And Zoom calls very popular, once again.

                                  So since we have embrace Thanksgiving being different this year anyway, why not embrace another change with it?

                                  Don't fancy cooking? Don't worry, there's now an alternative.

                                  Popeyes are offering a huge 'Churkey' combo meal for Thanksgiving.

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                                  So, scrap that turkey and call Uber Eats!

                                  It's certainly very different to the traditional Thanksgiving dinner...

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                                  And the response has been very mixed.

                                  Some people weren't so keen on the idea...

                                  But others were willing to give it a try...

                                  The meal is an 8-piece family meal complete with 4 biscuits and a large side...

                                  All wrapped in a festive turkey shell for $20.

                                  What more could you want from a Thanksgiving dinner?

                                  The Popeyes combo meal is in partnership with Uber Eats and is available to order through the app from November 18th.

                                  Don't wait too long to get yours though...

                                  As it's only around until November 29th.

                                  So, how would you feel about chicken instead of turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner?

                                  Thrillist reported that a rep for the chain told them, "We're all starting to think about Thanksgiving—and for most people, that often means a traditional turkey dinner."

                                  Also adding, "But each year, millions of Americans would actually prefer to have chicken instead of turkey for their Thanksgiving meal."

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                                  So, will you be trying it?

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                                  For more on Thanksgiving, keep scrolling...

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