As any fan of the royals will know, Queen Elizabeth II is a huge animal lover and has always had many dogs in her life.

                                  But today, she received some devastating news...

                                  Queen Elizabeth II is the longest ruling monarch in British history.

                                  Since her coronation on February 6th, 1952, she surpassed Queen Victoria's old record of sixty-three years on the throne in 2015.

                                  By June 2nd 1953, Queen Elizabeth had officially taken over the reign from her late father, King George VI.

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                                  She was crowned at Westminster Abbey at the meager age of twenty-seven. Interestingly, Elizabeth's was the first coronation to be broadcasted on television globally.

                                  She wasn't ruling totally alone, though.

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                                  Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten (a distant relative of hers) on November 20th, 1947, when she was just twenty-one. She'd met Philip at the age of thirteen and the 2 quickly became smitten with one another.

                                  Philip wasn't an expected fit for the Queen...

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                                  Queen Elizabeth was known for being more reserved and thoughtful, while Philip always had a reputation for being a bit bold and brash, and he has always had something of a mixed reputation in high society.

                                  But the pair continue to stand the test of time.

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                                  Soon after their marriage, they were required to take the last name of Windsor, which caused tension between the pair. There have also been numerous public scandals, including rumors of Philip's infidelity. But to this very day, the couple remain happily married.

                                  The pair wasted no time in starting a family...

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                                  Their first child, Charles, was born in 1948, and is pictured on the left. Their second child, Anne, soon followed in 1950.

                                  The Queen and Phillip have a total of 4 children together...

                                  And while being a mother and a wife, Queen Elizabeth has successfully ruled the United Kingdom over the years... And she has also made herself into a very loved monarch.

                                  Fans from all around the world adore the monarch...

                                  And perhaps the thing that people love seeing the most?

                                  The Queen's true personality, of course!

                                  People simply love seeing snippets of real-life behind the gates of Buckingham Palace and, although the Royal Family is never far away from controversy, their personal lives are the thing that keeps them so popular.

                                  Now, as any royal fan will know, the Queen is a huge animal lover.

                                  She has grown up around many different animals and pets, including horses, birds, and dogs.

                                  But everyone knows that since being a little girl, the Queen has been the owner of many corgis.

                                  The little Welsh dogs have been made famous thanks to the royals, and they're never seen to be too far away from the Queen in her many homes around the U.K.

                                  The Queen has also had other breeds of dogs in the past...

                                  But the corgi has firmly secured itself as the official royal dog.

                                  It has been estimated that the Queen has owned more than thirty dogs during her reign...

                                  All of which have descended from the same family of pooches too! But today, in 2020, the Queen only has 2 faithful companions left - Vulcan and Candy, who are both mix-breeds of a corgi and a dachshund (dorgis).

                                  But as all pet owners know...

                                  Animals sadly don't live forever and a tragic announcement from Buckingham Palace has gotten all pet owners mourning for the Queen.

                                  It was confirmed today that, tragically, Vulcan had passed away.

                                  "The Queen is mourning the loss of one of her last two remaining dogs just weeks before Christmas. Loyal companion Vulcan, a dachshund-corgi cross, died a few weeks ago at Windsor. It has left the ninety-four-year-old monarch with just one remaining animal, Candy, also a Dorgi," wrote the Daily Mail's royal editor, Rebecca English. It is believed that Vulcan died while the Queen and Philip have been socially distancing at Windsor Castle, where they will remain for the holiday season.

                                  This means that Candy is the only remaining dog of Queen Elizabeth...

                                  Who, like Vulcan, is also a dorgi. Obviously, the Queen has been reported to be "absolutely heartbroken" following the loss of Vulcan... Just as any pet owner would be!

                                  Rest in Peace, Vulcan.

                                  Our thoughts go out to the Queen during this difficult time. For more on the royals, keep scrolling to hear why Meghan "wanted to do whatever it took" to remain within the royal family...

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