It has just emerged today that 7 people have passed away after drinking hand sanitizer at a party.

                                  Here's what we know...

                                  It is the most horrendous situation.

                                  After running out of alcohol, partygoers resorted to something a little more precarious in order to continue with their evening.

                                  Now, as you should all be aware...

                                  Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is not designed for human consumption.

                                  Many sanitizers are made with an alcohol-based solution...

                                  And typically contain an alcoholic volume of around sixty percent. However, while most of us use our common sense to avoid putting it anywhere near our mouths, a small number of people actually get a little excited over the prospect of an alcoholic element.

                                  Throughout the last couple of months, the Centers for Disease Control has been reporting an influx in hand sanitizer-related injuries.

                                  The CDC has been warning people not to drink hand sanitizer?after several have become sick and even died from the practice. "Alcohol-based hand sanitizer products should never be ingested," they said in a new report released in August this year.

                                  The report detailed that, between May 1st through to June 30th, there were fifteen cases of methanol poisoning in Arizona and New Mexico...

                                  4 of which resulted in death. The other cases resulted in permanent injuries, such as visual impairments and seizures.

                                  Obviously, most of us simply cannot fathom as to why someone would resort to drinking hand sanitizer...

                                  But the CDC predicts that people might be misunderstanding the FDA advisories about the alcohol-based solutions.

                                  And this brings us back to the latest hand-sanitizer incident.

                                  9 people at a house party were hospitalized after they resorted to drinking the anti-bacterial hand wash after running out of alcoholic drinks.

                                  Of course, people cannot believe what they are hearing...

                                  And many have been pointing out the blatant issue we have with alcohol and substance abuse.

                                  The incident occurred on Thursday evening in the Tattinsky district of Russia's largest region, Yakutia

                                  After running out of alcoholic drinks, 9 people at a house party drank antiseptic hand wash in an attempt to continue getting drunk. The sanitizer contained sixty-nine percent methanol.

                                  The first 3 victims were a forty-one-year-old woman, and 2 men aged twenty-seven and fifty-nine.

                                  6 others were then flown by a medical evacuation aircraft to the regional capital, Yakutsk.

                                  On Friday, 3 more men died...

                                  Aged twenty-eight, thirty-two, and sixty-nine. One more death was reported the following day on Saturday.

                                  Federal public health watchdog, Rospotrebnadzor, released a statement which explained:

                                  "9 cases of poisoning with sanitizer have been registered, including 7 that were fatal."

                                  The regional state prosecutor then added:

                                  "The poisoning took place as a result of drinking sanitiser."

                                  A criminal investigation has now been launched.

                                  Rest in peace to those who lost their lives in this devastating incident. For more on the dangers of consuming chemical products, keep scrolling to read about the men who were hospitalized after ingesting bleach to "avoid catching coronavirus"...

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