A group of stray dogs proved their loyalty by protecting a homeless man despite dog catchers surrounding them.

                                  However, people have had a lot to say about the controversial post...

                                  The shocking photographs from Malaysia went viral this week.

                                  Snaps showing a huge stray dog "catch" have sparked outrage among citizens.

                                  And, to make matters even more heartbreaking...

                                  Some of the dogs appear to protect a homeless man, despite being surrounded by dog catchers.

                                  Now, Malaysia is just one area that has attracted controversy for its treatment of stray dogs...

                                  With many branding the method as cruel and inhumane.

                                  The post has solicited a huge response...

                                  And, of course, many residents condemned the controversial practice.

                                  The post has sparked a debate around dog population management.

                                  With many urging the city council to control strays using the more humane method of trap-neuter-release-management (TNRM), which is used in several other countries.

                                  Currently, in Malaysia, strays are captured and locked up in pounds.

                                  They are then put up for adoption but are given a very short window of opportunity for a forever home.

                                  If nobody adopts them within a week...

                                  They are euthanized.

                                  In the Facebook post about the incident, Kajang City Council reported that the 6.5-hour operation saw a total of twenty stray dogs rounded up across various areas of Kajang.

                                  The controversial post has since sparked a ton of outrage from citizens, with many suggesting the council pour their efforts into more probing issues.

                                  The shocking images even show a group of dogs protecting a homeless man while dog catchers surround them.

                                  Instead of rushing away from the scene, the stray dogs can be seen gathering around the unnamed homeless man.

                                  And, even more heartbreakingly...

                                  Other images show the same dogs being captured and taken away.

                                  Some have speculated the homeless man was the dog's master, whom they were determined to protect.

                                  Others have suggested he had been perhaps been feeding the dogs to befriend them.

                                  Utterly heartbreaking.

                                  For more animal news, scroll on to read about an incredible man who walks thousands of miles to collect stray dogs to rehome them...

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