If you're an at-home baker, chances are you've looked lustily in the direction of a stand mixer. Stand mixers change the game when it comes to baking. Suddenly you don't have to stand there hand-mixing heavy ingredients until your arms fall off. You've got different attachments that give you the perfect mix for each bake.

                                  The holiday season is coming up, and it's the perfect time to add a stand mixer to your wishlist. We've found the top ten that will bring any kitchen to the next level. You could be baking like a pro. Are you ready to treat yourself to the stand mixer of your dreams? Keep scrolling and we'll find it together.

                                  We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

                                  Cherry red and absolutely amazing

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                                  This mixer tops the list because it's the one that I have and I love it. It's got 10 speeds, comes with multiple attachments, and has the option to add any of over 15 other attachments. It's incredibly versatile and very heavy-duty: this baby can mix anything. KitchenAid is one of the most trusted brands of the mixer, and there's a reason. Their products are incredibly solid and just keep on keeping on.

                                  A great budget option

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                                  Finding a quality stand mixer for less than $100 might seem like an impossible task, but we did it. This baby from Hamilton Beach hits every part of the bowl for effective mixing every time. It can handle thick ingredients without slowing down. It's light enough to move if you need to, but has suction cups to hold it in place while it's working. Even at a lower price point, this mixer is a solid choice that can handle all your basic recipes.

                                  The reviews love it.

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                                  "I was looking at the KitchenAid mixers for the longest time but then stumbled upon these killer dupe mixers. After comparing technical specs, the cost savings were a no brainer. Been using it for 2 months, multiple times per week, and it's flawless! Do not hesitate on this purchase. It's GREAT quality, powerful mixer, does not overheat on challenging mixes, and has a shield so you don't get hit with flour bombs while mixing. A++++" I'm sold.

                                  Feel the power

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                                  If you want a mixer that is heavy-duty and can manage?anything, this Cuisinart is a great choice. It's die-cast metal, so you know that base isn't going anywhere. It has a full twelve speeds to meet meet any mixing need you've got. It has plenty of attachments you can add to do everything from pasta making to meat grinding. This mixer is a beast.

                                  Three in one!

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                                  I have to say that the picture of this mixer looks a bit goofy, but the function? Oh it's fantastic. You get a solid stand mixer at the base with six speeds and plenty of space for all your mixing needs. On top of that you also have a juicer/blender for smoothies and shakes (so delicious). To round it out you get a meat grinder. There's no need for tons of attachments because you already have everything you could need.

                                  The big one

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                                  Most stand mixers hold about 6 quarts (or less), so it's pretty exciting to find one that has more capacity. This option gives you 7.5 quarts in the bowl so you can mix big recipes (I must do a double batch every time I make cookies. It's the law). Even with that larger size it still doesn't break the budget, coming in at just over $100. It's quiet, powerful, and has great speed.

                                  Easy to use and great results

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                                  "The Vivohome stand mixer is a great appliance addition to our kitchen. The tilt head is easy to use and makes it easy to remove the bowl and mixing attachment for easy cleaning. The splatter attachment also removes for easy cleaning. Six speeds allow for mixing various batters and doughs. Have used it to mix cake batter, cream pufff batter, whipped topping and bread dough. The red mixer has a low profile and looks great on my kitchen counter under an upper cabinet. The color is awesome and is a great accent piece in white kitchen." I can't deny that the red looks truly gorgeous.

                                  Low cost and high quality

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                                  Last but not least we have the lowest price point of any of the mixers on this list. Coming in at just around $80 (depending on color), this Kuppet option gives you a lot of bang for your buck. "As I'm a cake decorator, I've tried a variety of stand mixers, including major brands and expensive stuff. Among these, I would recommend this product. Strong power, light weight, durable, inexpensive compared to other brands, and great design is plus. I'm happy with my purchase. If you don't know what to buy a good mixer, or you just step in looking at mixer products, but no clue which one is good fit, you might try this mixer as first step It won't let you down."
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