Danielle Bregoli always seems to be making headlines for all of the wrong reasons, and being accused of "blackfishing" is the most recent and most consistent one. But, after responding to the accusations, she made one comment that left everyone absolutely speechless.

                                  And now, she has re-addressed the issue in a new video...

                                  Bhad Bhabie, AKA Danielle Bregoli is known for one thing in particular...

                                  Bregoli rose to fame after what some would describe to be an amazing appearance on Dr. Phil.? The feature was about out-of-control teenagers, and Bregoli certainly lived up to that title.

                                  The appearance birthed her now-infamous catchphrase.

                                  When the audience took issue with her bratty attitude, she threatened to physically fight them all, with this iconic - and eminently meme-able - one-liner. "Cash me outside, how 'bout that?"

                                  But since her viral appearance, Bregoli has done something quite surprising.

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                                  She's managed to do what very few can manage - spin her small amount of viral attention into a viable - and lucrative - career.

                                  She's rebranded herself as a rapper, Bhad Bhabie.

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                                  And she's surprisingly successful in her career. Her music has a pretty large fanbase and it has even generated some positive critical reception.

                                  Bhad Bhabie has legions of teen fans.

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                                  Turning a moment of internet infamy into something that she clearly enjoys - and is making bank with - is no mean feat. She's certainly more shrewd than many thought she was.

                                  Her debut single was called "These Heaux."

                                  It was a huge hit for Bregoli, with over 80 million views on YouTube alone. The success of this single led Bregoli to sign a record deal with Atlantic Records.

                                  2018 was probably the best year for the singer.

                                  With Atlantic Records, Bregoli recorded her first mixtape, titled?15.?She was also named by Time Magazine as one of the world's most influential teens - which can't really be disputed.

                                  She's used her fame to pursue many different ventures.

                                  Bregoli has a series with the social media giant, Snapchat, which has so far proven to be a huge success - largely thanks to her strangely captivating personality.

                                  Bregoli has also partnered with Copycat Beauty.

                                  The lucrative deal that she signed had people shaking their heads - but, again, Bregoli turned the venture into a huge success, reportedly bringing in hundreds of thousands of sales for the brand.

                                  Though people love to hate her, Bregoli seems to be coming out on top.

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                                  Whether by accident or through smart, entrepreneurial spirit, Bregoli has come from nothing and has become a hugely?influential personality with?a career that many would envy.

                                  Not to mention, she's making a killing.

                                  Bregoli's multiple business ventures have led her to wealth beyond any teenager's wildest dreams - and she's certainly not afraid to flaunt it!

                                  But controversy has never been far from Bregoli.

                                  And her latest social media move has the internet feeling annoyed.

                                  It all got heated when she started posting certain photos of herself on her Instagram account...

                                  And fans quickly noticed something strange.

                                  Bregoli is unrecognizable...

                                  Mostly because she resembles a completely different race.

                                  It is pretty shocking.

                                  And, obviously, the internet did?not?hold back.

                                  A lot of people accused her of "blackfishing."

                                  And things only got worse recently as she recently made a comment that left her fans shocked, but there's a twist to the story as she's re-addressed the issue via an Instagram video.

                                  Most people commended her for taking the initiative and explaining herself...

                                  There was one comment in particular that shocked people...

                                  On a previous Instagram Live someone asked her if she was "trying to be black" and she replied with: "Who wanna be black?"

                                  But there was clearly a misunderstanding as she later explained she didn't actually mean "Who would want to be black?"

                                  Instead, she was insinuating that she didn't know who the person was referring to when they made the accusation of "blackfishing" so she was simply just asking: "Who wants to be black? Me?"

                                  But social media got wind of the statement in isolation and things blew up.

                                  But this video should help to calm things down a little bit.

                                  Have a look for yourselves:

                                  Keep scrolling to see how other blackface scandals hurt the careers of other prominent celebrities...

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