The Mandalorian has been the much needed Star Wars spin-off all fans hoped for. But sadly, Gina Carano's latest Twitter posts have left fans divided...

                                  When it first hit screens, The Mandalorian completely won over viewers.

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                                  The original sci-fi spin-off series, set in the Star Wars universe, drew in significant praise from fans. But now it seems fans are boycotting Gina Carano over her latest controversial Tweets...

                                  The series is set 5 years after the events of Return of the Jedi.

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                                  Directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, best known for playing Claire Dearing in Jurassic World, The Mandalorian offers Star Wars fans a tantalizing new live-action spin-off of the beloved franchise.

                                  And it was the first of its kind on the platform.

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                                  The Mandolorian well and truly keeps the franchise alive - offering what many are describing as a "gritter" take on the universe.

                                  The show chronicles the story of a galactic bounty hunter, Dyn Jarren.

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                                  Boasting an impressive cast including the likes of Narcos' Pedro Pascal in the leading role, viewers watch as Dyn attempts to survive in the aftermath of the Empire’s collapse.

                                  It takes a much darker approach than other Star Wars spinoffs.

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                                  Far from the authority of the New Republic, we get to see the adventures of the lone gunfighter as he reaches the outer edges of the universe. Meaning we're bound to see some new, never-seen-before locales.

                                  Though we still got see the odd Storm Trooper...

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                                  Because what would a Star Wars spin-off be without them?

                                  And we get introduced to baby Yoda...

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                                  He's arguably been the star of the show, with the internet completely gushing over him since the show's debut. Let's be honest, he's adorable.

                                  After its premiere, critics were typing away to award the show glowing reviews.

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                                  Writing for?Forbes, Dani Di Placido said: "Only two episodes in, and?The Mandalorian?already feels more authentic, more?Star Wars, than any of Disney's film sequels. "The Mandalorian?is slightly darker than what we're used to, yet undeniably goofy, packed with peculiar creatures, gunfights that end in disintegrations, and environments that feel like Ralph McQuarrie concept art brought to life."

                                  The show has even earned an impressive score of 8.8 on imdb.

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                                  It well and truly had fans hooked and has completely taken over pop-culture since it hit screens.

                                  And it seems fans can't get enough, with some branding the show a "masterpiece."

                                  Many have been saying that the show trumps all the other Star Wars spin-offs, creating a quintessential Star Wars?tone that mirrors that of the classics.

                                  However, some fans have begun to question Gina Carano over her recent social media activity...

                                  And things have gotten pretty heated.

                                  Some are going as far as to call for Disney+ to fire her...

                                  After the thirty-eight-year-old shared conspiracy-focused memes and tweets from her account. Fans were left shocked by her views...

                                  Carano, who plays the character, Cara Dune, has caused some serious controversy over her tweets.

                                  She shared a meme that reads: "Democratic government leaders now recommends we all wear blindfolds along with masks so we can't see what's really going on."

                                  In response to this, one person wrote:

                                  "Woah, Gina this is extremely irresponsible. If you are referring to the election, there is no proof of any fraud. If you at referring to mask-wearing, we should be doing that and if we all did it we would be able to go outside sooner. "You have a lot of followers and this type of message is not something you should be sharing. You may have young fans who love the?Mandalorian?and this is not something they will be able to understand the nuance of."

                                  Surprisingly, there were some in full support of the star, with one saying:

                                  "Who thinks @ginacarano and I need to hang out? Both of us are constantly getting 'canceled' and we are both strong Italian women. It needs to happen." Fans were clearly divided over her posts, although Disney is yet to comment. Keep scrolling for more, including a glimpse into the early design for baby Yoda that has left people terrified...
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