The Queen's Christmas decor transformation has been unveiled on social media, but eagled-eyed viewers noticed something that really riled them up...

                                  For many, Christmas is one of the most exciting holidays of the year.

                                  It is time to be spent with family, friends, and loved ones, eat good food, and exchange gifts… Even if it might look a little different this year.

                                  And of course, many of us have already been sprinkling some festive magic across our homes.

                                  There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of spending hours decorating the Christmas tree and hanging up all kinds of festive ornaments in our homes.

                                  And it seems the Queen has also been getting into the festive spirit...

                                  Because Windsor Castle has had a complete Christmas makeover!

                                  It is the first time in over 3 decades that Queen Elizabeth will be spending the holiday at the residence.

                                  On Tuesday, it was announced that the Queen has called off her regular trip to Sandringham for Christmas.

                                  Instead, she and her husband, Prince Philip, will stay at Windsor Castle, where they have spent much of their time in lockdown since March.

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                                  "Having considered all the appropriate advice, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh have decided that this year they will spend Christmas quietly in Windsor," a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said.

                                  The last time the Queen spent Christmas in Windsor was 1987...

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                                  So this year will be a real blast from the past.

                                  A royal source spoke to PEOPLE Magazine about the decision:

                                  "They are fortunate to spend Christmas with their family every year, but they understand that their family will have competing demands over the Christmas period and are content to have a quiet festive season this year."

                                  They continued:

                                  "Like everyone, their hope is that normality will return in 2021," the source added.

                                  The palace is already decked out with festive decorations...

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                                  Including the signature of the festivities: a giant Christmas tree.

                                  The Royal Collection Trust has shared a new video showcasing this year's Christmas tree...

                                  via: Getty Images

                                  From it being cut down in Windsor Great Park to the tree taking its pride of place.

                                  The twenty-foot Norwegian spruce has well and truly wowed royal fans.

                                  And reactions came pouring in, although not everyone was happy with the Christmas display, for a very specific reason.

                                  While some were gushing over the Christmas transformation...

                                  Others spotted something a little problematic.

                                  On Instagram, the royal family shared a snap last year with a montage of several images from the Queen's annual Christmas broadcast... and it recently resurfaced.

                                  via: Getty Images

                                  One of which caused a stir after eagle-eyed fans noticed the absence of a photo of Prince Harry, Meghan, and Archie. Yikes.

                                  You can watch the 2020 Christmas clip below.

                                  It's certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Windsor!

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