The new mega-hit drama series The Queen's Gambit?has left fans shocked after finding out who the real-life Queen's Gambit is and let me tell you, she's just as glamorous as Beth Harmon!

                                  Let's be honest, we all love a good binge-watch.

                                  Sitting back, relaxing, and hitting play on your favorite show is the best way to wind down.

                                  It's basically the perfect way to spend the weekend.

                                  Why go out and socialize when you can sit and watch TV all day?

                                  The streaming giant Netflix truly has dominated the market.

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                                  Out of all the streaming services, there's no doubt Netflix is top of the game - with over sixty million paying subscribers in the U.S. alone.

                                  And it seems their latest offering may be their best yet.

                                  People are going absolutely wild for?The Queen's Gambit,?with many seeing it as one of the best sports shows?ever. Yep, you heard that correct... sports show!

                                  Starring Anya Taylor-Joy, the show tells the story of an orphan...

                                  Whom "at the tender age of 9, prodigious introvert Beth Harmon discovers and masters the game of chess in 1960s USA. But child stardom comes at a price."

                                  The show has already received positive feedback with many people commending it on tackling issues such as sexism.

                                  But did you know, that even though this story is based on a book, there is a real-life version out there? The news has really shocked some people...

                                  Dorsa Derakhshani is known as the real Queen's Gambit.

                                  The twenty-two-year-old chess player has been living her own best life off off the big screen.

                                  Originally from Iran, the young Grandmaster managed to secure her position by the age of eighteen.

                                  She has also become the highest-ranking female chess player in Iranian history.

                                  During a US tournament, she ranked a respectable 3rd place after beating out lots of other players.

                                  But just like the series, there is also a dark twist to the industry in real-life...

                                  Despite her success, however, she claims there is so much sexism hurled at her.

                                  While trying to make the sport glamorous in her own way with her outfits and makeup, she said that men still treat her like she's "inferior" and that events are always "full of predators."

                                  Men are always questioning Derakhshan's intellect...

                                  Even though she studied at a university-level alongside her chess championships, she always gets shut down. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, she said, "It gets boring that they’re surprised I can beat them, as if I were still a 10-year-old girl. It doesn’t matter how much you prove you’re good as a woman, when you have a bad game they still say, 'see, we knew it was going to happen.'"

                                  Does that sound familiar to you?

                                  In The Queen's Gambit, Beth is also confused by the media's decision to highlight her gender rather than her abilities at the game. But eventually, Beth gains the respect she deserves from the men around her.

                                  However, Derakhshan is yet to find that completely.

                                  She claims she still has to deal with "predatory players." "They treat women in chess as inferior, not as equals," she said. "There are a lot of predators in chess. Especially because chess is such an international thing... the consent age is different, so a guy twice or triple your age is hitting on you."

                                  She always travels with her mother, but she thinks there should be penalties for people behaving inappropriately towards her.

                                  Regardless, we hope her success continues. She's already visited over thirty countries thanks to chess tournaments, earning lots of money. Her most recent bronze in the US championships won her a whopping $13,000! You go, girl! If you want to read more Netflix-related news, then keep scrolling...

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