This controversy has got everybody talking...

                                  Now, the number of people identifying as non-binary has been rising steadily throughout the last few years.

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                                  Historically, people - transgender people included - are either male or female.

                                  But recently, some are insisting that they don't quite fit into the categories of "man" or "woman," or “male" or “female," and thus identify as "non-binary."

                                  But what exactly does the term "non-binary" mean?

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                                  Well, "non-binary" is the term used by people who don't identify as male nor female.

                                  Just to break it down for you...

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                                  The idea that there are only 2 genders is sometimes called a “gender binary," because binary means “having 2 parts." Therefore, people use “non-binary" to describe genders that don't fall into one of these 2 categories, male or female.

                                  And that isn't all.

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                                  On top of people identifying as "non-binary," some people have been claiming that "male" or "female" are not the only genders out there.

                                  Despite our physical anatomy...

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                                  They believe that there are over a hundred genders in which a person can identify.

                                  The British broadcaster, BBC, came under fire for promoting such an "absurd" theory...


                                  In 2019, the BBC told teachers who work with children aged between 9 and twelve that there are “100, if not more" gender identities.

                                  While some praised their efforts of being inclusive...

                                  Others were outraged by the concept and insisted that the claim of a hundred genders was actually disrespectful to trans people, and therefore, not inclusive.

                                  Many are still set in the belief that there are only 2 genders.

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                                  Stephanie Davies-Arai, the founder of Transgender Trend, which represents parents concerned about the surge in the diagnosis of children as transgender, said:

                                  “This is made-up nonsense. People are free to identify as anything they like, but this does not change the reality that there are only 2 sexes."

                                  No matter what people believe, there's no doubt that there's an increasing fluidity when it comes to some people's gender identity...

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                                  But in spite of the naysayers, nonbinary is a valid gender.

                                  And one nonbinary person has hit headlines this week.


                                  For a rather controversial reason.

                                  A nonbinary Twitter user responded to a train company.


                                  "'Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,' so as a nonbinary person this announcement doesn't apply to me so I won't listen," he wrote.

                                  And the train line responded to him.


                                  "Train managers should not be using language like this, and I thank you for bringing it to our attention."

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