For anyone who has worked as a waitress or a bartender, they will fully understand how hard it is to make ends meet. And, for many workers in hospitality, their small paycheck is the only thing coming in to keep a roof over their heads.

                                  And one recent scandal - in which a restaurant refused to pay a waitress any of her $2,000 tip - has got the internet heated.

                                  But the restaurant have come forward with a different story altogether...

                                  Working in hospitality is tough.

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                                  Many of us have had to work behind a bar or earn money waiting on tables at some point, whether it be as a part-time weekend job or a job to fund school studies.

                                  It takes a certain personality to be able to work in this kind of environment...

                                  Hospitality requires a lot of hard work and resilience and, often, the work can be very rewarding.

                                  But for many people...

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                                  Working in hospitality is a full-time profession, and it is the only way to earn money.

                                  But it is a well-known fact that here in America...

                                  Waitresses aren't paid well, at all.

                                  It's shocking.

                                  It is a disgrace at how little they are paid per hour, with many being paid as little as $2.

                                  This is a very sad reality for a lot of people...

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                                  Especially for those trying to support and raise small families.

                                  Many rely on an income is based on tips from customers because their paychecks are too low...

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                                  Which makes today's story all the more shocking.

                                  One waitress earned a huge $2,000 tip...

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                                  But the restaurant is refusing to give her?any?of it.

                                  And it's safe to say...

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                                  The internet is?not?happy about it.

                                  Emily Bauer was working at Red Hook Seafood and Bar in San Antonio, Texas.

                                  And on one busy Sunday shift, a generous customer gave her a very big tip.

                                  Bauer didn't notice until he left.

                                  But he'd given her a whopping $2,000 - alongside a note saying, “Merry Christmas! Keep working hard!"

                                  "I was like, wait. I just opened it and started crying."

                                  "I was like, ‘Oh my God! My kids! I’m going to spend it all on my kids,'" she explained.

                                  "I’ve never had a Christmas where I’ve been able to splurge on them."

                                  But her hopes were dashed when the restaurant told her they couldn't process any tip larger than $500.

                                  However, the restaurant has come out to defend their actions.

                                  In a lengthy Facebook post, they claimed that the transaction had never cleared. They wrote: "Let me say the gentleman's card would not let us post [process] the tip. We tried multiple times, Emily tried, managers tried... Visa could not force a $2000 tip on his card, it was invalid then later declined. We can not charge a card $500 four times it's impossible and it's fraud." The owner went on to state that the restaurant has been inundated by abuse, and that the incorrect story has been harmful to business. What do you think?

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