An incredible but tragic story of a mother's love has gone viral this week...

                                  It's a sad reality of life, but there are children out there who have no real family...

                                  And, as a result of this, these unfortunate people end up being passed to and from various different families throughout their childhoods.

                                  This is called the foster system...

                                  And, sadly, this system can prove to be a cruel and damaging experience for many children.

                                  Hundreds of thousands of children are in the foster system here in the US.

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                                  On any given day, there are nearly?443,000 children in foster care?in the United States.

                                  Much of our foster care system is broken.

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                                  And the children suffer as a result. And, more often than not, children don't even get a real foster home, they are, instead, sent to live in institutions or group homes.

                                  Many children are bounced from one foster home to another...

                                  And, as a result, they can experience very little stability while growing up.

                                  This can result in serious harm.

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                                  Languishing in foster care harms children’s well-being in a number of ways. The longer a child remains in temporary care, the more likely it is that he or she will experience multiple placement changes and disrupted relationships caused by such changes.

                                  And, sadly for most children...

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                                  The foster system is anything but short-term.

                                  Children are often stuck in the foster system for years...

                                  And some never end up getting adopted.

                                  You can't even bear thinking about it, can you?

                                  But now, an incredible story of adoption has gone viral.

                                  Back in 2015, a woman rang the doorbell of a fire station.

                                  It was located in Santa Ana, California - and she was clearly distressed.

                                  A woman was standing there with a newborn baby...

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                                  And she needed some urgent help from the fire station.

                                  "We did our best to compose ourselves."

                                  "And maintain professionalism and do what we needed to do," firefighter Michael de Leon explained.

                                  The firefighters fell in love with the baby.

                                  And luckily, this story has a happy ending.

                                  She was later adopted...

                                  And she still comes back to visit her "unofficial uncles" at the fire station.

                                  Watch the full video here.

                                  And for another heartwarming story, scroll on ...

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